Cool School Competition

Submission: April 03, 2015
Registration: March 06, 2015
Language: English
Location: Khovd, Mongolia
Prizes1st prize: Realization Opportunity , 9 Honourable Mentions
Type: Open


Submit a proposal for a school building which will act as a safe, comfortable, learning environment for 100 pupils withstanding the extreme temperatures in Mongolia.

A well designed school environment has a huge impact on a child’s learning. It can affect a child’s academic progress over a year by as much as 25%.

We are looking for a school design which considers lighting, ventilation, environmental conditions, materials, space, comfort, accessibility, adaptability and aesthetics. This is a chance to shape the future of school buildings across cold regions globally.

Help create classrooms which engage and inspire children, improving their education. 

The aim of this design challenge is to:

Encourage and reward design excellence at a small scale which integrates function, structure, details and the need for education.

Research, respond to and highlight the unique aspects of designing a school in a freezing climate with the constraints of the site.

Encourage the employment of sustainable design in all aspects of the proposal. 

Building Trust have been asked to assist the Governor of Khovd in providing a new building for an existing school in Mongolia. The current facilities offer 550 children primary school education. However, the school is very old, dilapidated and has no indoor toilets forcing children to use outdoor facilities even in the coldest months. Children go to another school for physical education in winter seasons and in warm seasons, children study outside because the primary school is overcrowded. There is a great need for a new building to support the children of Tsast Altai .