Cycling Heaven – Sky Velodrome

Submission: February 27, 2015
Registration: February 27, 2015
Language: English
Location: Toronto, Canada
Prizes: 1st US$ 3000, 2nd US$ 1200 , 3rd US$ 800
Type: Open


This international competition challenges participants to design a new Sky Velodrome in Toronto City, Canada. The competition is seeking to explore and investigate the possibility of an inspirational design or concept for a high quality high-sited Velodrome on the top a Skyscraper, with great view over the city of Toronto. The skyscraper concept should present a possible design solution for achieving such a Cycling Heaven on top a skyscraper that might provide a sustainable cycling venue. The design should be visually and aesthetically engaging in contributing to the It should also maximise the positive impact of such a vertical structure whist minimising the negative in an environment such as the Pacific.

It should respond directly to the issue of sustainable space creation and also address the social, environmental, cultural and economic issues together with concerns of construction in such an environment.