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Dedalo Minosse International Prize

Submission: February 24, 2017
Registration: February 17, 2017
Language: English
Location: Vicenza, Italy
Prizes: 4 Main Awards, Other Special Awards
Type: Open, Free


Twenty years after the founding of Dedalo Minosse International Prize for commissioning a building, Ala Assoarchitetti is promoting the Tenth Edition 2016/2017. The Prize is unique among international awards programs for honouring the Client’s role in the design process. Any private or public client, its architects, buildings firms, the companies supplying the works and materials, or anyone else involved in the building processing is entitled to enter the competition.

The Dedalo Minosse International Prize for commissioning a building, takes place in Vicenza (Italy), the city of Andrea Palladio, since 1997. It is promoted by ALA-Assoarchitetti, the Italian association for professional architects, to spread good quality architecture.
The Prize comes from the idea that the framework for creating good architectural works is not only determined by the quality of the Architect’s project (architects, building engineers, freelance professionals here called “Architect”) but also by the positive and stimulating role played by the Client.
Registration is free of charge.
Starting from the ninth edition the Dedalo Minosse Prize includes also the Andrea Palladio International Prize, promoted by Caoduro Lucernari from 1987 to 1993.


The Jury will award, within the terms of these rules, Clients from every country of the world who have harmoniously collaborated with their Architects to create successful and worthy architectural works.
The Jury will assign the following awards:

  • the “Dedalo Minosse International Prize”, to a Client who commissioned a professional Architect;
  • the “Dedalo Minosse International Prize OCCAM – Under 40”, to a Client who commissioned a young professional Architect;
  • the “ALA-Assoarchitetti Prize- Fondazione Inarcassa”, to a Client who commissioned an Italian professional architect;
  • the “ALA-Assoarchitetti Prize Under 40”, to a Client who commissioned a young Italian professional Architect;
  • the Andrea Palladio International Prize, to the Client who distinguished himself for his work in the last 20 years.

The Jury will also assign other -awards, offered by Patron bodies and Sponsor.
The Jury, will focus on the following topics:

  • social sustainability;
  • economical sustainability;
  • works inspired by Design for All;
  • use of the natural light;
  • enhancement and conservation of the environment, the landscape and the architectural heritage;
  • use of innovative technologies and materials;
  • use of  renewable energy and resources;
  • promotion of traditions and local languages;
  • multidisciplinary planning approach;
  • integration between art/architecture.

The Jury will take into consideration also all the different features of the proposed works, such as the typology, the size and the main function (living places, places for the arts and urban settlement, urban spaces and infrastructures, redeveloping of pre-existing areas, working places).
The prizes will be delivered only to those clients, or their representatives, who will take part to the award ceremony.


The Prizes consist of silver plaques, designed by Bob Noorda, which will be awarded respectively one to the Client and another one to the Architect. The winner of the Andrea Palladio International Prize will receive a plaque.
Other awards such as plaques and certificates will be offered by Sponsor and Patron bodies.


Any private or public client, its architect, building firms, the companies supplying the works and materials, or anyone else involved in the building process is entitled to enter the competition.
The one who enter the competition is here call “proponent”.
The architectural works must have been designed by a professional Architect and completed between the 1st of January 2012 and the 31st of December 2016.
The Clients and their architects, with their participation at Dedalo Minosse Prize, accept the eventual designation to be part of Jury in the following editions of the Prize.
Every Proponent must present only one client (person, people, society, group, company, corporation).
Architect and client can’t be the same person.

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Date: February 3, 2017