xian competition


Submission: December 19, 2019
Registration: December 15, 2019
Language: English
Location: Xi An, China
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


A few days left to register to Xi’An Train Station competition with a discounted fee! Subscribe now, early birds’ deadline is set for October, 20th.

Xi’An Train Station is the latest YAC’s call for ideas aiming to design a new rail terminal as a meeting point between East and West in one of the most famous Chinese cities. The submissions will be evaluated by a distinguished jury panel featuring, among the others, Patrik Schumacher (Zaha Hadid Architects), Ben van Berkel (UNstudio), Antonio Cruz (Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos), Volkwin Marg (GMP Architekten) Dong Gong (Vector Architects), Stefano Boeri. The winners will be rewarded with a cash prize of  € 25,000 in addition to publication opportunities on the main architectural platforms. The competition is promoted by Manni Group with the participation of ROCKWOOL, Renolit, Dow and Tata Steel as sponsors



It is not just a geographical horizon. It is an oneiric horizon too. China is a country of legends and ancient mysteries and spirits. While Rome was tracing the first signs of Western civilization, in the East the third dynasty of a thousand-year old empire was declining.

For centuries, the city of Xi’An has been the heart of the East and the residence of thirteen emperors’ dynasties. It has been a firm and stark heart pulsating with ruins and restorations, splendors and following declines. For 3,500 years, this heart has been expanding and contracting according to the rhythm of the events of the Middle Kingdom.

Xi’An is majestic and evasive. To this date, it is a wealth of treasures and sublime contradictions. Here, ancient and contemporary elements seem to compete for the soul of the city. In Xi’An stone dragons provide counterpoint to neon signs and paper lanterns guard the thresholds of glass skyscrapers.

Xi’An is tireless and adaptable to the needs of the times. By 2030, this city will experience an expansion of more than 17km2. This is the outcome of a measure that has been implemented by the central government of Beijing. It aims at maintaining the city as the hub of the relationships between China and the Western world.

In this context, Manni Group and YAC srl are pleased to present Xi’An Train Station.

A new rail terminal will define the meeting point between East and West. It will be located at the end of the Silk Road. For centuries, generations of geographers and merchants had considered this place the most remote destination. This new rail terminal will be at the crossroads of the old and the new, the Yin and the Yang of the opposite poles that generate the future of human society on a daily basis.

Here, millions of roads will intersect. Millions of journeys will start and end. Millions of lives, expectations and hopes will meet in the frantic and unaware atmosphere of travel-related places. This is because a station is more than a simple railroad platform, travelling is more than an experience. After all, the journey is the most real and genuine metaphor for the human condition.



– Dong Gong I Vector Architects

– Ben van Berkel I UNS

– Antonio Cruz I Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos

– Volkwin Marg I GMP Architekten

– Patrik Schumacher I Zaha Hadid Architects

– Fresa Francesco | Piuarch

– Enrico Frizzera I Manni Group

– Giovanni De Niederhausern  | Pininfarina

– Marcello Cai (Cai Xichun) I Chic Group

– Sun Jin I Xi’an International Community Fashion Town Construction and Development Co., Ltd

– Stefano Boeri I Stefano Boeri Architetti

– Alberto Mercati I Dow

– Luca Gottardi I Renolit

– Bernard Plancade I ROCKWOOL


1st   PRIZE 10,000 €

2nd  PRIZE 6,000 €

3rd  PRIZE  3,000 €

MENTION – Dow Chemical; It will be awarded to the projects that specifically focus on the building’s energy performance  2,000 €

MENTION – Renolit; it will be awarded to the projects that include extremely valuable architectural solutions regarding the design of flat roofs 2,000 €

MENTION – RockWool; it will be award to the projects that focus on the building’s life cycle 2,000 €




23/09/2019  “early bird” registration – start

20/10/2019  (h 11.59 pm GMT) “early bird” registration – end

21/10/2019  “standard” registration – start

17/11/2019  (h 11.59 pm GMT) “standard” registration – end

18/11/2019  “late” registration – start

15/12/2019  (h 11.59 pm GMT) “late” registration – end

19/12/2019  (h 12.00 pm – midday – GMT) material submission deadline

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