Design a Sky Garden System for the Chong Qing Skyline

Submission: July 03, 2016
Registration: May 27, 2016
Language: English, Chinese
Location: Chong Qing, China
Prizes: 1st Prize: 600,000 RMB, 2nd Prize: 200,000 RMB, 3rd Prize: 150,000 RMB
Type: Open

The design intent is to create a system/network of eco-green elevated sky gardens within a soon to be realised super high-rise residential complex, with the aim of drastically improving the living environment and lifestyle of urban dwellers. This competition seeks young architects worldwide to provide innovative ideas to break the existing typology of the super high-rise and isolated lifestyles associated with high density urban living.

Competition Design Content:

Designing a system of eco-green elevated sky gardens for a Chong Qing residential skyscraper

Pre-selection of the Competition Participants:

Architectural design related firms and architects with less than 45 years of age (D.O.B birthday must be after 01/01/1971). The participant’s ID, resume together with a graphic portfolio of less than 9 pages should be submitted during the online application stage. The attachment should be no more than 5MB.

Competition Awards:

Phase 1

  • Competition Phase2 Invitation: 8 entries
  • Competition Phase1 Design Excellence: 10 entries
  •  Phase1 Design Excellence Bonus: 20,000RMB/entry
  • Note: Phase1 design excellence are excluded from 8 entries for competition Phase 2

Phase 2

  • 1st Prize Competition Winner Contract Commission, design fee no less than 600,000 RMB
  • 2nd Prize Award Bonus: 200,000 RMB
  • 3rd Prize Award Bonus: 150,000 RMB
  • 4th-8th Prize Award Bonus: 100,000 RMB

Competition Schedule:

  • Registration Time: 01/05/2016 – 27/05/2016
  • Design Submission Deadline: 03/07/2016 (GMT +8, Beijing 24:00)
  • Note: The deadline is defined in the term of Beijing time.

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