design a story

Design a Story

Submission: April 01, 2017
Registration: April 01, 2017
Language: English
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Prizes: 1st Prize: SEK 30.000, 2nd Prize: SEK 15.000, Runner Up: SEK 5.000
Type: Open


This competition will focus on story designing as a tool for space making. This competition explores the potential of stories in architecture to open up unexpected paths and ideas in the design of public space. 

From linear narratives to multiple narratives that overlap, to the reinvention of our past, and new descriptions of the present, there is a great potential for storytelling in architecture. Stories are embedded in public space, from the history, to the day – and life cycle of a space, as they change throughout the day and are altered and perceived radically different in its lifetime.

Submit an imaginary story that takes place on Kvarnbacken, the hill close to the Jakobsberg train station that has become the site for a two year process called Kalejdohill.

The stories could involve elements from the history of the site such as the ancient viking burial sites, or the mill that sat on the highest point and burned down several times over the last decades. They could involve the lives of future inhabitants, the reality of living in a suburb of Stockholm, or the fantasy of chasing that elusive Pokemon in the newly formed public space of Kalejdohill. The stories could be personal, walking your dog one morning and seeing the strangest bird, or they could be communal, a massive concert where you fell in love or a force of nature that lead you there.

Illustrate your story on one A2 page, describing where it takes place and and what went on. Show us how you imagine that place in the future, the buildings and the people that inhabit it.

Perhaps by collecting these stories we can begin to accumulate ideas for this space that soon will be public.


1. One vertical A2 storyboard in PDF or jpeg format with a self chosen 5 digit code (for example 12345). Please name the file the same as your 5 digit code + storyboard (for example 12345_storyboard.pdf). Please do not put your name in the file. This storyboard should have a 300 word summary of the story and images that illustrate the story you have designed.

2. Along with the A2 PDF, submit a text file of the story as a single a4 word document with the same 5 digit code (for example 12345). Please name the file the same as your 5 digit code + text (for example 12345_text.doc). Please do not put your name in the file. The text file should include the full story, without images.

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