Design Capital 21 – Interior Design Competition for New Integrated Mall

Submission: January 15, 2016
Registration: January 15, 2016
Language: English
Location: Johor, Malaysia
Prizes: USD10,000 for each floor winner
Type: licensed Architects & professional Interior Designers


Design Capital 21 is an interior design competition for a new integrated mall, that intends to adopt the theme of “the world’s famous capital cities from the 5 continents” as its conceptual design for its 5 floors. Each floor must be representative of the continent by bringing to life the characteristics and identities of its capital cities:

1. America | New York, Vegas, New Orleans, Dallas, Washington, Havana, etc.

2. Europe | London, Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Lisbon, Berlin, St. Petersburg, etc.

3. Australia/Oceania | Wellington, Sydney, Melbourne, Christchurch, Gold Coast, etc.

4. Asia | Singapore, Bali, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Seoul, Tokyo, Macau, etc.

5. Middle-East/Africa | Cairo, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Istanbul, Dubai, Morocco, etc.

Design Capital 21 is seeking the best of ideas from all over the world to make this vision a reality. Thus, the competition is open to licensed architects and professional interior designers in their jurisdictions worldwide, to both individual and team entrants.

Competition timeline: January to March 2016

Prizes: There shall be one winner for each floor. Each winner will win prize money of USD10,000.

Capital 21, located in Johor, Malaysia, is currently being developed by Capital City Property Sdn. Bhd. It is part of a massive integrated development, adjoined to a world-class hotel of international repute and another tower of business hotel, along with three blocks of office suites, and one storey of international-themed museum.

Siow Chien Fu, director at Capital City Property Sdn. Bhd., commented, “Capital City aims to create a place of wonder with retail as the key focus, one where the interior brings to life the unique cultural and lifestyle characteristics that symbolise the key capital cities around the world. With BCI Asia as the appointed organiser of this competition, I’m excited to see the ideas that will come in to create an iconic landmark.”


Capital City Property Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in Malaysia in 14 June 2013. The principal business of the company is in property development. An exciting project currently being undertaken by the company is the construction of a mixed commercial development on a 14-acre site located in the heart of Iskandar Malaysia.

The development will consist of:
• 1 six-storey podium shopping mall enhanced by the adoption of a themed concept;
• 1 tower block of 18 storeys housing a hotel to be managed by an operator of international repute;
• 1 block of 18-storey Business Suite Hotel;
• 3 blocks of 15-storey Office Suites;
• 7 stories of multi-level car park; and
• 1 storey of international-themed museum.

Successfully launched as Capital 21 on 28 December 2013 with sales of over 65% of the units offered, the shopping mall intends to adopt the theme of “the world’s famous capital cities from the 5 continents” as its conceptual design.

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Date: November 27, 2015