Design Educates Award

Submission: January 2, 2022
Registration: January 1, 2022
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


The Design Educates Awards (DEAwards) recognize, showcase, and promote globally the best educational ideas and implementations of architecture and design. Design itself may provide an informative and educational layer that guides us through the increasing complexity of our environment. It can highlight specific possibilities and challenges, explain sociocultural factors and influences, or even outline new scenarios for future development. Each year, the esteemed panel of judges selects outstanding ideas and implementations in the categories of architectural design, product design, universal design, and responsive design.


(1) Architectural Design
buildings or other designs on a similar scale; may include interior designs too.

(2) Product Design
products, smaller objects, objects of industrial design, and similar.

(3) Universal Design
the designs that may not be strict of architecture or product design, or are interdisciplinary, or difficult to categorize into other categories.

(4) Responsive Design
designs that interact with its surroundings and users; this category derives from Laka Competition “Architecture that Reacts.”


Laureates of the awards join an elite group of 116 members from 35 countries to date, are invited to present their designs during the awards ceremony in Germany, and are included in the book Design Educates. (So far, three editions of the ceremony have taken place, and three volumes of the book have been published.) The winners, laureates of prizes, honorable mentions, and nominations will be selected in each category. In addition to the overall judging, the student project with the highest score will be awarded the Emerging Designers label and receive an additional $1,000 financial award. Concurrent with the judging, Solarlux representatives will select the Solarlux Choice winners.

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design educates award