Design Idea Competition Fairfax Habour 2015

Submission: August 20, 2015
Registration:  August 10, 2015
Language: English
Location: Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
Prizes: 1st Prize PGK 10.000, 2nd Prize PGK 5.000, 3rd Prize PGK 3.000
Type: Open


The NRI is inviting all local, national and international professionals and students from a wide range of disciplines including Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban Designand Planning to participate in the Design Idea Competition Fairfax Harbour 2015.
This project aims to create visions of inspiring, innovative and sustainable concepts for the Fairfax Harbour. The intention is to create approaches for an adaptive area which can respond to the inconstant structures and conditions of change that affect the people in Port Moresby and the National Capital District of Papua New Guinea.
The project and competition outcomes are to propose a variety of development approaches. The designs therefore need to consider a range of time frames – from short term to long term, temporary to permanent, and staged growth cycles – of the FairfaxHarbour.

The proposed design approaches are to address the interwoven traditional, social, economic, environmental and infrastructural attributes of Port Moresby and the National Capital District of Papua New Guinea. An integrated strategy is essential in order to designan innovative and sustainable vision for Fairfax Harbour.
Designs can have a realistic or speculative approach. The submitted proposals do not have to be generated exclusively for this competition but they should demonstrate how they can fit the area of the Fairfax Harbour.

The overall question is:

In what way can we think, activate and brand the Fairfax Harbour for a vibrant sustainable and innovative future?

Think about the Fairfax Harbour as a lifestyle place for urban Pacific life!
Create smart and innovative short and long-term approaches for an adaptive and vibrant Harbour area. Consider Fairfax Harbour as a network of traditional villages and modern industry. Produce a coherent vision for social, economic, environmental and infrastructural outcomes. Consider how to transform the area into an innovative hub for the people of Port Moresby. Design strategies for sustainable and alternative economies for the region. Think about Fairfax Harbour as a sub-centre that seeks opportunities for increased economy. Think about the potential of Fairfax Harbour and consider how it can be transformed into new types of urban use to benefit the community.

Activate the Fairfax Harbour for future developments and celebrate the past!

Activate the idea of multiple urban centers. Develop opportunities where the cultural past can be utilized to build and strengthen its future. Consider growth approaches which intensify centers in relation to existing ecologies and landscapes. Activate ideas for new and existing transportation systems to be considered as an integrated network connecting multiple local, regional, national and international centers.

Brand an innovative and sustainable Fairfax Harbour of the future!

Design a branding that considers an innovative and sustainable Fairfax Harbour for future generations. Create possibilities for growth and adaptation that consider the associated infrastructure and villages. Consider how the Fairfax Harbour could become an iconic cultural hub. Develop opportunities for Fairfax Harbour to be considered as an innovative, sustainable and adaptive part of Port Moresby.


First Prize:     PGK 10.000
Second Prize:     PGK 5.000
Third Prize:    PGK 3.000

Winning designs will be awarded and may be published in several print magazines, dedicated NRI publications and exhibited.


To register visit the NRI website: www.nri.org.pg

Early bird registration:     PGK 200  Until 30.06.2015 (23.59pm PGT)
Late registration:         PGK 300  Until 10.08.2015 (23.59pm PGT

The registration fee will be used exclusively to cover the printing cost of submitted designs. Registration opens on Thursday 27th May at 05.00pm PGT.

Submission Format:

Exactly three (3) Din A1 size (landscape) designs in pdf format only. Each design has to cover one of three (A, B, C) areas of Fairfax Harbour. Din A1 is based on the international ISO 216 standard (594mm x 841mm)
1 x 1000 word written description of the submission must be submitted as a DOC format only.

Additional information material can be downloaded from the NRI websitewww.nri.org.pg