Design the Future of Food at Adidas’ Headquarters

Submission: October 11, 2016
Registration: October 11, 2016
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: €14,500 prize pool
Type: Open


Adidas, Freudenberg, Hilcona, Markas in cooperation with atp-Architects are pioneers in the field of corporate gastronomy. They are striving to create cutting-edge food experiences in the workplace – merging taste, technology, and architecture. For this project, they have teamed up to envision the corporate campus food experience of 2025.

Submit your bold vision of how we will eat in the workplace of tomorrow. Design an exciting corporate campus food concept that shows how technology, connectivity, and digital services will enrich and change the eating process and the working experience as a whole.


The aim of this project is to create a unique corporate food concept with an inspiring vision that defies all of today’s preconceptions about the typical food experiences at the corporate campus.

Your concepts should enthuse and excite employees, as well as provide as an attractive bonus factor that makes new talents want to work there.

Task Definition

We want you to fast forward to 2025 and show us how the food experience at the workplace will evolve.

1. Select one of the three target groups (see below) and develop a unique corporate food concept centered around their specific work environment and needs. It is of particular interest how technology (mobile technology) comes into play and will open up new customer experiences.

2. Create a concept that shows how technology, connectivity and digital services will enrich and change the eating process and the working experience as a whole – at various touchpoints before, during and after meals.

When looking forward to 2025, think more along the lines of Google than Star Trek. Go deep, but don’t go overboard. Your ideas should be feasible in the near future. See further information which elements your concept should include in the provided Project Kit.

Target Group

1. The production worker
This employee works in shifts – around the clock. They work on fixed schedules with planned meals and breaks, and little room for flexibility because productivity must be maintained 24/7. As engineers and factory workers, efficiency and accuracy are key factors. Consider the potential challenges and opportunities that could arise in a highly efficient factory environment (i.e. timing, hygiene, relaxation and social commitment etc.)

2. The knowledge worker
They are often highly specialized problem-solvers with a specific skillset who work independently or in groups, depending on the task. They must often find quick fixes and fast solutions. Consider the challenges that could arise in this specialized type of work environment. (i.e. higher level of health awareness, interest in sustainability, innovation, communication and gadgets, high connectivity and fast flow of information etc.)

3. The digital nomad
These employees have a nomadic lifestyle, characterized by high flexibility and mobility (“Always on the go”). They rarely have one fixed place of work. Instead they will have several professional and private workspaces, located nationally and internationally, as well as differing responsibilities and roles. Consider the challenges that could arise in this highly flexible and demanding scenario (i.e. planning meals, selection of food, delivery of meals, mobility, different cultural settings etc.)

Further target group details:

  • tech-savvy and future-oriented
  • health-conscious and sporty
  • progressive and open to new ideas
  • focused and ambitious


  • inspiring and creative
  • engaging and exciting
  • unconventional and bold
  • comforting and relaxing

Mandatory requirements

There are no specifications as to which graphic elements, images or photographs should be used for the designs. But you should only use images:

1.for which you own the full copyright (usage rights)

2. for which you can pass on the exclusive rights to the client if necessary (please highlight the corresponding materials)

If 2. applies, please clearly highlight the third-party image material.

Required file format

1. Any format (max. 10 slides)
There is no standard format required for this project. Unleash your creativity in the form of graphics, info posters, video art or other ways you wish to share your input with the world. When creating your ideas, please do not exceed a maximum of 10 slides.

2. Project Template:
To ensure that your project is given a proper review by the client we ask that use the provided template in the Project Kit to present a 1-page overview of your idea.

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