design tomorrow workplace design competition

Design Tomorrow – Design Your Ideal Workplace

Submission: June 15, 2020
Registration: June 07, 2020
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


The rule is simple: design the office of your dreams from 4 used containers. Accompanied by a jury of excellence, composed of experts from the world of architecture, construction and container, we will examine all projects to designate the winner!

Construction alone accounts for more than 30% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions and must now be reinvented to meet the ecological, economic and societal challenges of doing better with less, reducing its environmental footprint, limit the consumption of natural resources; build more responsibly and sustainably.

It is by pursuing these objectives that we engage our energy and our ideas in the development of new constructive ways. Bio-based materials, recycled, reused, smart and sustainable construction will be our tools to meet these challenge. In the diversity of offer that the construction offers today, the marine container is an alternative offering a great number of assets: modularity, mobility, scalability …

Transformable to infinity, the container is the ideal ingredient of the wildest architectural projects.

Reinventing everyday life, imagining new solutions, daring to think outside the box, realizing your dreams… the pause our planet is asking for, inspires creativity!

It is in this positive and engaging state of mind that CAPSA launches the Design Tomorrow contest.

The time is for escape, many of us regret the moments spent in the office, dreaming of the places of life that transport us outside our home.

What would the workplace of your dreams look like ?

This is the theme of this first design contest organized by CAPSA with the participation of many experts and partners from the world of architecture, construction and container.

We all have in mind an ideal workplace, a place where our creativity would be stimulated, where our ideas would be simple to express. A place to share and advance projects in the best way.

The office can also be a place of life in its own right. A place of sharing, a place of discussion and laughter. The atmosphere of a place is often born of the feeling, the harmony that it gives off To realize these ideal offices, we ask you to follow some simple instructions:

• Use 2 containers 20 feet dry used and 2 containers 40 feet high cube used.
• The total area of the building must not exceed 200 m2.
• The maximum height of the work must not exceed 6m.
• The choice of materials accompanying the containers is free and must be associated with the concept of environmental responsibility requested.
• Choose the most inspiring place to set up your dream workplace, make us dream!

We put at your disposal the technical sheets of the 20 feet dry and 40 feet high cube containers to help you in the apprehension of the containers and their specificities.

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