Detroit Station for the Arts

Submission: March 1, 2015
Registration: February 15, 2015
Language: English, Spanish
Location: Detroit , USA
Prizes: 1st Prize: 2500€, 2nd Prize: 1000€, 3rd Prize 500€
Type: Open


Nonetheless, Detroit’s 21st century new industry is art. Artists from all over the world are coming to the city because of the low prices and affordable housing. A new youth generation sees Detroit as a free city where you can easily create.

We propose to rehabilitate the abandoned Detroit’s central station to transform it into a hybrid building full of life, a centre for the Arts. Including spacious workshops, showrooms, selling points and meeting rooms. It will also be combined with artist’s residences and a small hotel for tourists that love art. A central station intended for people and culture interchange, with the purpose to regenerate the station’s area.

The proposed surface is aproximately 38.000m2.
The remaining area is meant to include the
restrooms and the needed circulation space.
It is possible to extend or reduce the surfaces by 10%
according to the requirements of each project. The
surfaces can be used entirely or divided in as many
rooms as each team finds appropiate.
The hotel has 3000m2 in rooms and the remaining
1000m2 will be used for reception, common rooms,
bar, corridors, etc. It tiene hostel rooms in 3000m2
and 1000m2 them for other uses will be reception,
lounge, bar, circulation space, etc.
No specific attention will be paid at the precise
resolution of the mentioned surfaces. Although,
the relationship of the program with the existing
building and the city will be strongly considered.

Each team will submit only one din-A1 size (59,4,84,1cm),
landscape or portrait panel with their proposal.
This panel must be identified with the registration
code of the team and the registration code ONLY;
any panel including team names or personal names
might be disqualified without refund.
Each team is responsible for choosing which
information they include in their panel so that the
jury may gain the clearest understanding of
their project.
The representation technique is completely free (2D
drawings, pictures of models, sketches, renders,
collages, etc.). The jury will not only evaluate the
quality of the project but also the clarity and quality
of the presentation.
We do not recommend including large amounts of
text on the panel. The project should be explanatory
enough through the graphic material. However,
certain notes might be acceptable. These notes must
be written in English ONLY—any text written in
a different language will not be taken into account
and may lead to a team’s disqualification.



Date: January 15, 2015