Dining with Vincent – A restaurant inspired by the works of Vincent Van

Submission: August 2, 2022
Registration: August 1, 2022
Language: English
Location: Arles, France
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open Competition



Vincent Van Gogh is one of the most influential artists to have contributed to both the Post-Impressionist era and Western Art. While his artistic career only spanned a decade he created over 800 oil paintings out of a complete body of more than 2000 artworks.

Unfortunately, the artistic genius battled many years of mental illness that culminated with his suicide at the age of 37. In his brief career as an artist, Van Gogh came to inhabit the city of Arles in France where he produced some of his most famous work and experienced his first mental breakdown.

Today this city continues to celebrate the life of the artist and is home to memorials commemorating the artist’s life in the city even while many of the structures were destroyed. Nevertheless, tourists who visit Arles for the artist can trace his life across the city and experience the source of his inspiration.


Nurturing the existing historical sites is just as important as creating and nurturing new experiences for visitors. In Arles since people can no longer visit the structures inhabited by Van Gogh, creating new experiences that celebrate the artist is imperative to continue attracting tourists.

The challenge here is to envision a themed restaurant inspired by the works of Vincent Van Gogh.

Consider the history of the artist tied to the city as well as the influence of the space on his style of work and design a truly immersive experience for Van Gogh enthusiasts. The restaurant can be either completely inspired by the work of the artist or borrow cues and details from the artist’s bold, expressive and colourful art. Both the structure and the interiors must reflect the source of inspiration.

Arles, France

Arles is an ancient Roman city and commune in the south of France by the Rhone river. It was not only the home of Van Gogh but also boasts a relationship with many other artists including Gaugin, Reattu and Picasso. The site is centrally located in a predominantly residential area. It is a short distance from the railway station, and close to the Canal du Vigueirat. It is about a kilometre away from the Yellow House.


Architecture: The main structure should be inspired by the works of the artist

Interior: the space within must be influenced by the artist

Planning:  Micro Planning of the Restaurant Spaces

Lighting: Natural Lighting as well as Fixtures used in the design

These objectives are the point of the beginning to conceive the design. Participants are further free to design according to their own perceptions.

The restaurant must have enough space to seat 20-30 people, the reception, kitchen, pantry, restrooms and other services. Other creative additions to the project can be made within the space constraints.


Winner 6000 USD Cash+Crafted Trophy & certificate + UNI Year Book Copy + UNI Merchandise + Insignia + Opportunity to associate with UNI as a curator

Runner – Up 6 x 1400 USD Cash+Crafted Trophy & certificate + UNI Year Book Copy + UNI Merchandise+Insignia

People’s Choice 4 x 600 USD Cash+Crafted certificate + Insignia

Honorable Mention 12 x 600 USD Cash+Crafted certificate + Insignia


Regular Registration starts 28 February 2022

Public voting starts 28 February 2022

Regular Registration ends 01 August 2022

Submission ends 02 August 2022

Shortlisted entries announced 17 August 2022

Jury evaluation starts 23 August 2022

Jury evaluation ends 16 September 2022

Public voting ends 17 September 2022

Result announcement 29 September 2022



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