future apartment competition

Dream Apartment – International Architectural Design Competition

Submission: December 27, 2018
Registration: November 15, 2018
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


Being in such an era of hard struggle. Two hundred and eighty million youngsters in China are fighting for their future. Yet, the unaffordable housing price which has risen to RMB ten millions with million-high down payment had forced them become “Generation Rent” who feel difficult to earn a house.

Being in such an era of quality living. How can design help young dream-chasers? How can design make breakthroughs concerning livelihood and housing? To answer the questions are the responsibilities of the construction industry, and the retained propositions that need to think for academic circles and the industry.

The 2018 C·Design International Architectural Design Competition, feels with the era and is born in the times. With the theme of “Dream Apartment”, it sends invitations to outstanding young designers around the world to create future residential products and bring these to the CAPOL Dongguan Construction and Technology Industrial Park, offering construction samples for future cities.


Team of professionals

First Prize: 100,000RMB with award certificate to one team

Second Prize: 50,000RMB with award certificate to each of two teams

Third Prize: 30,000RMB with award certificate to each of three teams

Team of students

First Prize: 50,000RMB with award certificate to one team

Second Prize: 30,000RMB with award certificate to each of two teams

Third Prize: 10,000RMB with award certificate to each of three teams

All financial awards are tax-inclusive.

Other rewards

1. For (Team of professionals), the winning scheme after improvement may go into practice in CAPOL Dongguan construction and technology industrial park, the host will invite winners to join the improvement;

2. For (Team of students), winners can get offers and special salary from CAPOL;

3.The winning works will be published in the China national core journals on construction science;

4.The winning works will participate in the follow-up exhibitions and other related activities, and will be promoted in major support media.

Scope of Entries Submitted

Professional group :

Accepting entries from worldwide offices and designers on urban planning, architectural design, landscape design, etc.

Students group :

Accepting entries from worldwide undergraduates and graduates on architecture, urban planning, landscape design, etc.


1. Participants are free to register in individuals or groups with each group no more than 3 participants. There are no qualification limits.

2. Participants must register by email and the specific rules as followed:

1) Please download the competition registration form at www.capol.cn;

2) Please send the “Registration form” to capoldesign@163.com, the form should be titled as “Dream Apartment丨2018 C · Design International Architectural Competition Registration (Group Leader Name); the email title should be the same as registration form title;

3)Please check the email within 48 hours after registration to obtain the contest serial number.

3.Registration Deadline: Beijing time 24:00, November 15th, 2018

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