Eco-friendly Villas Architecture Contest

Submission: June 30, 2016
Registration: June 30, 2016
Language: English 
Location: India
Prizes: 1st Prize: Rs. 50,000, Runner Up: Rs. 30,000
Type: Open

Caletal Developers, with an experience of 20 years in the field of construction, is all set to gift homes that suit the tastes and budgets of every home-seeker. With a major part planned and done, we now move forward to see how artistic engineers and passionate architects (or anyone who is talented) interpret our eco-friendly budgeted villas project – Orchid Village.
Applications are open and artists from all areas – architecture students, architects, engineers & designers are invited to submit their project concept, floor plans, 3D elevations (4 sides) and cost estimations to win a whooping half a lakh! And what not? You will be the reason for someone’s brand new lifestyle!

Competitors must respect all the instructions regarding required material. Competitors can submit entries individually or as a team of maximum of 5 people.

Competitors can be students, graduates, freelance architects, designers or artists: it is not mandatory to be involved in architectural disciplines or enrolled in architectural associations.

The authorship of each project is equally attributed to each member of the team. Contest starts on 15th May 2016 and ends on 30th June 2016.

Last date for any enquiries regarding the project is 15th June 2016. For enquiries, either call +91 8943 62 62 62 or mail contest@caletal.com.

Selection will be based on:

how well naturally-lit the villa is
how easily the exterior of the villa blend with the eco-friendly neighbourhood how classy and contemporary the designs (both interior and exterior) are

Deliverables of the contest: Project Concept, Floor Plans, 3d Elevations (4 sides), Cost Estimation. Each of these files must be named properly. These files should be named accordingly and compressed

into a .zip or .rar file. Submit this along with applicant’s full name and contact details in www.contest.caletal.com.

Contest entries must be submitted on or before 25th June 2016 24:00 Hours.


Late entries will not be considered for valuation.

Team members who publicize their own proposal material before the conclusion of the competition will be disqualified.

It is forbidden to competitors to publicize their own proposal material before the conclusion of the competition.


With the comments & suggestions of experts, Caletal Developers will select the winner

Award distribution and details will be announced later by Caletal Developers media channels

Caletal Developers will have all the rights to take any decisions regarding the contest

Selected drawing will be constructed as a villa in Orchid Village by Caletal Developers, at Cheruthuruthy, Thrissur

Points that will be considered for judgement: practicality, cost effectiveness, environmental friendly, contemporary design

The winner will have to submit CAD file / source file of the selected drawing.