Eleven // Cambodia 2015: Protect Respect Empower

Submission: September 11, 2015
Registration September 11, 2015
Language: English
Location Cambodia
Prizes: 1st Prize: £1,500, x6 Honourable Mentions: no cash prize but lots of glory


The aim of this competition is to design a structure, or series of structures, within the Tonle Sap Lake. These need to be transient so that they can move freely around the water and service the floating villages. It is up to each participant to interpret what this means.
Can the design move independently or does it need to be towed? Perhaps it is modular or transportable in pieces and easily assembled on site where required? Today the area is under severe threat from growing pollution and disease epidemics. The competition calls on thinkers, architects, designers, students and multidisciplinary teams around the world to help deliver change and innovation by submitting a proposal for a floating/movable structure(s) to service the lake and it’s floating villages, intended for: medical aid, research and ecological education.

Today, the wellbeing of Tonle Sap´s ecosystem is severely under threat from the national and international price of rapid modernity. As the nation and the region develop, high levels of pollution find their way into its waters. This poses a huge threat to the safeguarding of future generations of both wildlife and human population.

To make matters worse, the problems afflicting the general population of Cambodia are aggravated and reinforced by the remoteness and migratory nature of the floating villages on the lake. Ecological education is lacking, resulting in a vicious cycle of degradation. This is rendered worse by substandard living conditions exacerbated by dangerously high poverty levels: with over 28% of Cambodian families struggling below the poverty line, many of which concentrate on the lake. The lack of basic sanitary provisions means that disease epidemics are an everyday risk to human life. Children are often the ones who pay the highest price: 1 in 77 will not reach their fifth birthday. Of the children that survive to adulthood, a mere 4% will complete high school. This is the bleak reality that Cambodia is facing today.

It is of paramount importance that the issues threatening the wellbeing of the Tonle Sap Lake and its communities are resolved now in order to safeguard both man and nature in the region today and in the near future.

This is the foundation of this international ideas and design competition.

We seek a response to such problems through designs that challenge conventions and help establish a program of support in the region. This comes in the form of: health aid, ecological research and monitoring, and education aimed at the local population. Furthermore, the design needs to cater for the transient nature of the floating villages and as such needs to be able to move around the lake.

We call on the international community of designers, experts and thinkers to respond to these challenges, so that the lake can function more ecologically and allow its nature and people to thrive for generations to come.

* Winner: £1,500 + publication + invited as jury member for next competition + invited as part of design team in the event the project goes live on site.
* Runner Up: £500 + publication
* People’s Choice (voted by public online): £500 + publication
* x6 Honourable Mentions: no cash prise but lots of glory + publication
* All entries will be features on Eleven’s website and will have the chance of getting exhibited world wide and published in the resulting competition-generated publication.
* Awarded entries will be featured on Eleven, Dezeen and Bustler.

Charitable Cause: The competition is in support of the Angkor Hospital for Children

Spin-off Events: The competition will precede a series of spin-off events in the form of international exhibitions (currently being planned in the USA, Europe and Asia) and a publication. Entries will benefit from these events and will have the chance to showcase their talent to a global audience!

Live Event: Eleven is working to secure a live project in Cambodia. The winning entry will have the chance to get involved in the design!

Get exposed to a world-class jury, comprising of leading academics and designers across the globe:
* Christine Murray – Editor of the Architecture Review, London
* Tom Kundig – Olson-Kundig Architects, Seattle
* Perry Hooper – Grimshaw Architects, London
* Ingrid Bille – BilleByeScheid Architekten, Frankfurt (Former Director, Grimshaw Architects, London)
* Dr Elena Douvlou – School of Architecture, Metropolitan College, Athens / BAC, Boston.
* Massimo Forese – +39 Architects, Padova
* Andrew Maynard – Andrew Maynard Architects, Melbourne
* Arthur Andersson – Andersson-Wise Architects, Austin Texas
* Shaun O’Rourke – BAC (Boston Architecture College), Boston
* Dr Camillo Boano – DPU (Development Planning Unit), The Bartlett UCL, London
* Dr Mathilde Marengo – IAAC (Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia), Barcelona
* Dr Andrea Verenini – Editor, Eleven-Magazine / Director, Cityscape Futures, Portsmouth

Registration Fees: Early Bird (11 June – 22 June): £50 / Standard (22 June – 11 September): £75

Deadline: Friday 11 September 2015 @ 11.00am (United Kingdom Time)

For more information, please visit www..eleven-magazine.com