Emerge Competition

Submission: November 01, 2015
Registration: November 01, 2015
Language: English
Location: Zimbabwe
Prizes: 1st Prize: US$575, 2nd Prize: US$275, 3rd Prize: US$150
Type: Open


Emerge is an organisation founded by Zimbabwean architect and Rotarian Ruvimbo Moyo that offers competitions for design students. These competitions promote innovative concepts to re-think the current rural and urban conditions, offering new proposals that are a direct reflection of the continent’s transformative efforts and mobilizing young architects to make vital contributions to their communities and country.


■ Producing innovative and provocative architectural solutions through critical analysis of the context and challenging the current norm
■ Aid students in building a strong portfolio
■ Offering socially relevant, economically and environmentally sustainable ideas and solutions to the general public
■  Influencing architecture students in Zimbabwe to foster long-term ideals of developing the country
■  Offer a scholarship base to support and encourage students studying architecture and the related fields


Architecture students and designers are called to define the home of the future under the theme ‘Living Tomorrow’. This is an idea-based challenge and seeks for conceptually sound proposals. The site can be of any size or form but limited to the Zimbabwean future context. The building(s) proposed can connect with various other issues that interest the participant.

Submissions should however consider (but not limited to):

■ Sustainability
■ Building technology of the future
■ Socio-economic factors
■ Cultural dynamics of the future
■ Environmental and agricultural influences and solutions Spatial configuration
■ Choice of material
■ Human interaction
■ Aesthetics


The Emerge Competition is a digital endeavour in accordance with its sustainable attitude.

No hardcopy submissions will be accepted.

Competition dates are highlighted below:

  1. Competition Announcement Date – 1st July 2015

  2. Standard Registration Ends|Late Registration Begins – 1st September 2015
  3. Last Day for Registration – 1st October 2015

  4. Submission Deadline – 1st November 2015

  5. Jury Evaluation – 2nd November to 15th December 2015

  6. Winners Announced – 21st December 2015

Entrants must submit their proposals to the Emerge website by the competition deadline: www.emergecompetition.com

Each entry requires a unique registration number issued after online registration.

Submissions must contain the following electronic files in a single email totalling to no more than 25MB.

Entrants will submit two presentation boards and one Design Intent sheet as follows:

  1. Two A1 (594x 841mm) presentation boards in PDF format. These will have theproject title and registration number (issued after online registration) on the top right of each panel. The panels must contain necessary drawings that best describe the project, for example: Plans, sections, elevations (with dimensions) and a 3-D representation of the project.
  2. A 300-word Design Intent sheet describing the project in PDF format.

The documents should be titled in the following format:

  1. (Registration Number_Surname_ Panel 1)
  2. (Registration Number_ Surname_ Panel 2)
  3. (Registration Number_ Surname_ DesignIntent)

Multiple entries from a person are not accepted.

*Please note that we do not accept file shares, dropbox folders, or third-party transfers of any type.

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