Empordà Agora – Town Hall Competition

Submission: 23 September 2024
Registration: 23 September 2024
Language: English, Spanish, Catalan
Location: Els Aiguamolls de l’Empordà, Costa Brava, Mediterranean Sea, Catalonia, Spain
Prizes: Over £10,000
Type: International Design Competition


Challenge: The Town Hall should contain a communal, multifunctional space, an information/visitor point and a small cafe. The idea of this competition is to create a unique, site-specific design that responds to this special setting and the natural changes that occur within. The building will be made up of a communal, multifunctional space capable of hosting markets, school groups, small theatre and music productions and political and cultural gatherings, as well as a variety of other community interest activities. It will also contain an information/visitor point and a small cafe selling local produce. This competition takes inspiration from the nearby Ancient Greek settlement of Empúries. The name Empordà is a derivative of Empúries meaning “the markets” and the Agora, in ancient Greek cities, a meeting space for various community activities. The proposed building should be a combination of these ancient ideologies and hold an architectural interest in its own right as an individual and memorable space, capable of attracting visitors from outside the immediate community to venture inside and take part in any local activities. A good design must focus on the functionality of the architecture and interact with the natural flora and fauna, blurring the lines between outside and inside, connecting visitors to nature within this incredible, utopian setting.

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Date: July 4, 2023