Submission: January 15, 2023
Registration: January 15, 2023
Language: English
Location: Global
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Type: Open


The mission of the ‘Eurasian Prize’ is to advance the appreciation of architecture as a force that can transform the world, erasing boundaries between states and removing barriers between nations. The slogan of the international competition is „INNOVATION FOR SUSTAINABLE ARCHITECTURE FOR THE GOOD OF HUMANITY“. Following its goals, the Eurasian Prize remains true to the principle of openness to all creative ideas and continues to accept submissions from architects and designers from all around the world.

Current season entries will be evaluated by the world-renowned practitioners. Thanks to its reputation, Eurasian Prize has again succeeded in convening a remarkable jury, which includes the world’s best architects and designers from 17 countries: Bangladesh, Belgium, China, France, Germany, Great Britain, India, Italy, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, USA.


In its 17th edition, the Eurasian Prize places special emphasis on sustainability as a huge factor in today’s urban development. Environmental awareness has become a trend in society, that cannot be ignored when building and re-designing urban spaces. Besides, there is no denying that the past 2 years of COVID-19 pandemics have encouraged planners and landscape architects to reconsider their relationship on urban spaces and the function of the places for living, working and playing. In order to adequately tackle these issues, urban planning needs to move beyond sustainability to incorporate regenerative development frameworks. Key to this is activating and increasing citizen participation in a fractal-like, multi-scaled, community-led, bottom-up planning process, where active citizens design, construct, and are part of the futures they wish for their territories. In focus: The regenerative city as a New Urban Paradigm.


Each historical period re-adjusts the concept of architecture so that it meets the current needs of society and responds to growing challenges. The current need for sustainable architecture is based on the evidence that the world is now in the midst of an emergency related to planetary pollution, climate change, and a prolonged pandemic. In its 17th edition, the Eurasian Prize places special emphasis on innovations that correspond with sustainable architecture and regenerative design strategies.


The concept of personal and public space has changed over the decades. Environmental awareness found its way to interior design long ago and today has become an influential trend. Ecodesign focuses on the optimized use of natural materials and finishes, and on the use of products manufactured from natural materials considering the environmental impacts of the product during its whole lifecycle.

Sustainability and ergonomics as key principles of contemporary human environment development are the main topics of the competition Eurasian Prize 2022 in the Design category. We encourage participants in this category to specify how exactly their projects relate to this topic.


In its 17th edition, the Eurasian Prize sets apart the architecture and design student competition into the separate competition category, Student Awards. The category features four subcategories related to the living environment design, with emphasis on sustainability.



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