Submission: July 30, 2023
Registration: July 30, 2023
Language: English
Location: Italy,
Prizes: Please see the details below
Type: Idea competition for under 40


The Europan 17 competition topic focuses on LIVING CITIES/2, Reimagining architectures by caring for inhabited milieus.
The aim is to explore the regenerative capacities of living milieus amidst new ecologies that attempt to overcome the opposition between nature and culture and anthropocentrism during times marked by natural disasters and a climate emergency. Italy proposes a site in the City of Cantù (near Como’s Lake. Imagine public space as a biodiverse landscape. Imagine public space as the touching ground, the proof that YES, WE CAN –through design– address challenges caused by the crisis due to climate change, in terms of social, environmental and economic issues.
– awards: First prize 12 000 euros, second prize: 6 000
– eligibility: under 40 architects, landscaper, engineer-architects, professional in architecture, landscape and urbanism. The team could be composed also by the graduated except the team leader that must be a professional architect.


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