future now tubadzin design award

Future NOW

Submission: August 20, 2020
Registration: August 20, 2020
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


FutureNow is a competition created with the future in mind, future that is already here! The current situation related to forced social isolation has changed our professional life, we are convinced that it will also change the way of thinking about designing functional spaces. Show us what you think the space we experience every day, perfectly reflecting the mobility between work and private life, should look like.

Space of inspiration
The main inspiration for creating projects should be spaces that combine the functionality of the workplace and everyday life. Every industry, specialist or family needs a personalized place in order to function properly. The needs and requirements of users should be clearly specified in the project descriptions. Your options are limitless. We do not define the type of space that you will use in your projects. It’s functionality, aesthetics and the reality of the solutions adopted that count! Unleash your creative potential!

Competition participants
Any architect, designer or university student (architecture, interior architecture and design) who has a competition account at the Tubądzin Design Awards can become a participant in the competition!

Project requirements
Projects must be submitted together with an appropriate description specifying the purpose of the project, the target customer and the definition of areas and their functionality. Each participant should attach no fewer than 3 images / photos and no more than 10 of those for each project.

Product requirements
The condition for positive verification of the design is the use of original products in it, and in the case of using ceramic tiles – only Tubądzin’s product collection.

Subject of the competition
The subject of the competition includes projects that address the issue of mobility between the sphere of private and professional life, in one space. When submitting a project, complete the descriptive field, which should present the target customer, the functionality of the space, its division and solutions used.

The winner of the FutureNow category will receive a cash prize of 1000€ and personalized interview in the WhiteMad journal, publications in industry media, international promotion of the author of the winning project, promotion on the websites and social media of the organizer and competition partners!