garam market competition

Garak Wholesale Market

Submission: February 10, 2017
Registration: January 13, 2017
Language: English, Korean
Location: Seoul, South Korea
Prizes: 1st Prize: Design Contract , 2nd Prize: 30,000,000 KRW, 3rd Prize: 10,000,000 KRW
Type: Open


The purpose of this design proposal competition is to increase the efficiency of distribution and logistics at Garak Market and to select an optimal design proposal which will allow the market to play the role of a fine goods wholesale market, through the selection of a creative and high quality design proposal for the Vegetables Bldg. 2 of Garak Market.


After opening in 1985 as a publically operated agro-fisheries wholesale market, for 31 years the Garak Market has led domestically in wholesale distribution and is the world’s largest single wholesale market. However, in addition to its facilities being old and unsafe, the structure of the facilities and transport circulation are an obstacle to efficient distribution, such as the shipping of palettes and the mechanization of loading and unloading. Unable to flexibly respond to the ever-changing trade system, revitalization of the market through the modernization of its facilities is urgently needed.

Garak Market will be reborn as an advanced distribution system by sequentially improving the run-down facilities and old distribution system according to a phased development plan. Accordingly, the purpose of the design is the realization of an eco-friendly wholesale market through a creative design proposal which will allow for the building of a future wholesale market capable of flexibly adapting to changes in the distribution environment.

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