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Submission: September 03, 2018
Registration: September 03, 2018
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


We are very happy to announce that reTHINKING competitions has just launched the new contest #017 Global Warming Center. The ice shelf or sea in the Arctic region is crucial in maintaining the global climate due to its reflectivity. The melting of this ice can also increase global warming due to positive feedback effects, where warming generates more heat as solar absorption increases. The loss of this layer of ice can represent a turning point in global warming, when the ‘decontrol’ of climate change starts.

A place where IN SITU is investigated the causes, effects and, ultimately, how fast it is affecting therefore make REPEAT in our way of life as a society.
That is why the approach of the contest is to create an advanced position in research. A research center for two people where they can collect samples, study the air, the submarine current, the air quality, …
The interior should be conceived as a minimum research station which is respectful of the environment, eco-sustainable, self-sufficient and comfortable. Bearing in mind that they must develop at least the following spaces:
– 1 room with two single beds
– 1 study area and sample analysis
– 1 Observation platform
– 1 bathroom
– 1 Warehouse

Rubén García Rubio (Cajón de Arquitectos + Studio VRA)
Eva Luqe García (Profesor Proyectos ETSA Sevilla)
Antonio Díaz Jerez y Flavio Ramos Vicente (díaz+ramos)
Sonsoles Vela Navarro (Studio VRA)

The amount of 3,000 € will be distributed as follows:
First Prize 1.500 €
3 Accésits 3 x 500 €
+ 10 Honourable Mentions No economic prize

In addition the rethinking team is committed to the dissemination of the project through:
– Publication in magazines
– Publishing in blogs / architecture websites
– Publication in reTHINKING media

Juny 18TH Early Registration starts
September 3RD 2018- 18:00H (Madrid Time) Submission deadline
October 2018 Winners announcement

Inscription periods will depend on the competition publication and will be divided as follows:
Early 35€ + IVA
Regular 50 € + IVA
Advanced 70 € + IVA
Early 35 € + IVA; Regular 50 € + IVA; Advanced 70 € + IVA

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