Guggenheim Helsinki Design Competition

Submission:  September 10, 2014
Registration: September 10, 2014
Language: English
Location: Helsinki, Finland
Prizes: 1st Prize € 100.000 5 Second Prizes of € 55.000 each.
Type: Open competition for architects in two stages.

International architecture competition to produce a proposal for a new Guggenheim museum in Helsinki and also to identify the architect and team who can develop and implement the project in close cooperation with civic stakeholders, elected officials, and Guggenheim representatives for many years to come.

The proposed Guggenheim Helsinki will be an innovative, multidisciplinary museum of art and design. It should be of the highest architectural quality, creating a meaningful presence in Helsinki and offering civic space where both residents and visitors can gather. A prominent site has been reserved for the building at the symbolic gateway to the city from the sea, and close to the historic center. The wider Eteläsatama area forms a significant regeneration zone.

A decision on whether to proceed with the construction and development of the museum is expected to be brought to the City of Helsinki and the State of Finland for consideration following the conclusion of the competition and the public announcement of the winning design.

The building’s total anticipated construction value is €130 M, excluding taxes, and the total site area is approximately 18,520 square meters. The total floor area designated for the museum building is approximately 12,100 square meters, of which approximately 4,000 square meters will be exhibition spaces. All areas of the museum should be conceived in terms of how they support social interaction and the experience of art.

The museum building will include galleries, a flexible performance hall, educational space, a large café/bar, a smaller formal restaurant, administrative offices, practitioner spaces, collections storage, a retail store, and other facilities. Outdoor spaces for the display of sculpture and projects are also needed.

Finland leads the world in sustainable bioeconomy. Creative use of Finnish wood, one of the country’s greatest resources, should be considered. Additionally, the latest digital technology should be incorporated into the design.



Date: August 6, 2014