Hanyangdoseong On-site Museum

Submission: March 27, 2017
Registration: March 07, 2017
Language: English, Korean
Location: Seoul, South Korea
Prizes: 1st Prize: design execution rights; 2nd Prize: 18 million KRW, 3rd Prize: 10 million KRW
Type: Open


Seoul Metropolitan Government announces a call for entry as below for the architectural design competition aimed to foster Hanyangdoseong On-site Museum in the Hoehyeon Section at the Foot of Namsan Mountain.


 ◦ This design competition is available to all experts in architecture, landscaping and urban designing at home and abroad. In case of a joint application, up to 3 persons can apply and in such a case, one of the applicants should be registered as a representative. Representatives should be licensed architects who are legally responsible for mapping out and delivering their working drawings.

 ◦ A top prize winner should make a Cultural Heritage Repair Technician for actual measurement and design participated without fail in drawing a working design.


Title : A Design competition for the Hanyangdoseong On-site Museum in the Hoehyeon Section at the foot of Namsan Mountain
Site Location : At and around #100-17, 1-ga, Hoehyeon-dong Jung-gu, Seoul (Phase 3 section of the refurbishment project for the Hoehyeon section at the foot of Namsan Mountain)
Site Area : 43,630.69m²
Design Scope : To be indicated in Design Plan
Competition Type : Open competition for design experts


Registration : Jan 26, Thurs – Mar 7, Tues. 2017
Inquiry Receipt : Feb 9, Thurs – Feb 15, Wed. 2017
Inquiry Feedback : Feb 24, Fri. 2017
Closing day for Submissions : Mar 27, Tues. 2017
Announcement of Winners : 2017. 04. 21 (Fri)


Winner: 1 (design execution rights)
2nd prize winner : 18 million KRW
3rd prize winner : 10 million KRW

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