Happy Place Decentraland design competition

Submission: January 01, 2023
Registration: January 01, 2023
Language: English
Location: Global
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


Our mission is to promote the uptake and implementation of simulation architecture in resolving human issues. We believe that we all have the power to create digital solutions to enhance the human experience.

Our focus has increasingly fallen on addressing wellbeing and mental health. We would like you to design a

garden which will house our meditation pavilion. This can include interesting landscaping, environmental design, an adjoining architectural intervention or whatever you see fit to create a “Happy Place”.

Our assigned plot is 16×16 and we recommend blender, maya, cinema4D, 3dsMax or sketchup as the main design tools as we have polygon limitations. Please export the model as GLTF or GLB. We are willing to help the winner with possible conversion issues. The design is to be simple, effective and transportive.


Low-Poly 3D Modeling
The building model must have a form of building that does not obscure the other plots, such as a building with a narrow base but has a large roof (hammer shape). The size of the model placed on must correspond to 16×16 a single metaverse plot.

Entry details and competition timeline

Entry to the competition is free! Main prize is $1000 AUD

Submit entries from October 30, 2022.

The winner will be announced Jam 1st, 2023.

By entering you agree to our competition terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions

Individual entry and team entry are allowed, however there is a limit of one entry per team/individual.

Submission of entry allows images to be used in social media or marketing material for current or future competitions.

All entry prizes will be received in Australian dollar.

We do not accept liability for misused funds once received by the winner, or issues with dissemination amongst team members.

In the case of a tie between winners, the jury will allocate a split of the total prize pool to both winners.

We are not responsible for any file corruption issues once submitted, in the case where submission files may not be accessible. Please submit in the correct format.

Deadline if submission is until 12AM of that date. Any late entries will be deemed unfit.

In the case of communication issues with the finalists we will email the winner directly to let them know. Please check our social media for details.

We believe in equal opportunity competition entries and welcome participants from all design backgrounds.

Given unforeseen circumstances the competition, for whatever reason may either extend or close before the outlined dates.

We are not responsible for any internal issues relating to the competition entry process in either teams or individuals.

We are not responsible for any changes the landlord may make to their decentraland plot, as a result if we are unable to build on the given plot for whatever reason,

we will seek to re establish another relationship with a virtual landlord. However, we anticipate this will not be the case.

We may reject your entry when not submitted in the correct file format, once placed in decentraland.

The competition terms and conditions may be updated at any time during the competition process.

Once the winner(s) is announced we may need to request a secondary consultation session to reformat file/size/software in order to place it in decentraland.



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