Submission: April 15, 2018
Registration: April 15, 2018
Language: English, Italian, Spanish
Location: Erculaneum, Italy
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


Ercolano is a city of ancient origins, the testimonies of the first settlements date back to 1243 a.C. In 89 a.C. it became a Roman colony but the age of the empire lasted about two centuries because the terrible eruption of Vesuvius hit the area in 79 d.C. covering the city under a lava blanket. In the eighteenth century, during the Bourbon empire, the first excavation works were started which and, thanks to the first discoveries, contributed to the birth of the Neoclassical movement.

It is necessary to wait until 1927 for the area of the archaeological park to be almost totally freed to be delivered to the present day during which programmatic maintenance works keeps intact the beauty of the site. THE SCHOOL OF RESTORATION, in close contact with the archaeological site, must be imagined as the place where to form the new generations of restorers; the students will make the nearby ancient park the place where to apply the theoretical dictates learned. The school, in addition to being an educational center and an important element of urban reactivation, will become a contemporary sign capable of understanding in the relationship with the ancient an interesting bridge between the ages.


There is no limit for the competition. I allowed to contest all those who want to deal with the theme proposed, whatever their country of origin. There are no age limits, can enroll graduate students, graduates or professionals. You can participate as an individual or as a group (max 5 components). In the second case it is necessary to elect a leader to have a contact person to which official communications. Each participant may submit only one project and not be part of more than one grouping. All competitors have the same rights and must fulfill the same obligations. Groups can be mixed or use more professional, they may be made simultaneously by graduate and undergraduate students.


The files in digital format must be sent in a single moment, with each title in the alphanumeric code chosen at the discretion of the participants, by 23:59 (Ercolano time) on 15th of April 2018 to the email startfortalents@gmail.com; if the files exceed the capacity email you can use WeTransfer service to send its. Following the delivery the file cannot be re-submitted; in this case the participant will be excluded from the contest. This is part of the competition documentation:

-MODEL A: Attached to this announcement and to be delivered in .pdf format after payment of the registration fee, to receive the material, and the delivery of the final project. In addition to it you have to resend the payment receipt.

-PROJECT TABLE: A digital file format A0 and drawn horizontally. It should be delivered in .jpg format with a resolution not exceeding 150 dpi. Anyone can decide how to draw up their work by inserting the elaborate plans, sections, three-dimensional reconstructions, render etc. The thesis project must contain at the top right an alphanumeric identifier (max 6 units) that each participant will choose freely.

-RELATION OF PROJECT: A folder A4 Word format, maximum 4000 characters including spaces, where not inserted images or graphics design. Internally they are described reasons formal and functional characterization of most of the proposal. In the header you must insert the alphanumeric code.

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