Himalayan Mountain Hut

Submission: April 10, 2015
Registration: April 01, 2015
Language: English
Location: Himalayan Mountain, Nepal
Prizes1st prize: US$ 3000, 2nd prize: US$ 1500, 3rd prize: US$ 500
Type: Open


Nepal is a country with some of the most inspiring and dramatic landscapes in the world, most noted for being the home of the Himalayas and the tallest mountain in the world, Mount Everest.

Since opening its borders to visitors during the 1950s, Nepal has become a haven for adventure tourists and mountain trekkers.

For this architecture competition, HMMD is working in cooperation with Samarth – Nepal Market Development Programme, which works across Nepal to improve the economic performance of rural sectors; to develop a high altitude accommodation unit which will be the first of its kind to ever be established in Nepal. We are therefore asking participants to submit clever and inventive proposals for a Himalayan Mountain Hut to be positioned along any of the mountain range’s many trekking trails.

The purpose of the Himalayan Mountain Hut is to provide trekkers safe, comfortable and inviting lodgings, where they and their guides can rest, refuel and, if necessary, wait out troublesome weather.

While there is no specified location for this Himalayan Mountain Hut, the proposal should be applicable to various different sites along trails throughout the Himalayas. It should form a unique, new quality product for Nepal to be adapted and replicated in all parts of the country.

The mountain hut should be an innovative concept that provides a comfortable shelter for a maximum of 20 occupants for up to one week in all weather conditions and the potential onslaught of extreme elements (eg heat, cold, wind, rain and snow). Taking into considerations for construction and maintenance in remote areas and high altitudes with limited access to resources.

More info: hhmd.org/Himalayanmountainhut