hsinta ecological international design competition

Hsinta Ecological Power Plant Construction Project Conceptual Design International Competition

Submission: January 23, 2018
Registration: January 05, 2018
Language: English
Location: Taiwan
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


To realize the Administration’s “2025 Nuclear-Free Home” policy, changes must be made to current distribution of electricity generation, including boosting the percentage of green energy and gas combined cycle generation. Meanwhile, supplementary measures for energy-related R&D and stable power source must also be proposed to meet this goal. To this end, green energy, natural gas and nuclear-free home must be tackled in a holistic way.

In addition to developing green energy, another way to boost power supply is to update existing electricity generation units. The government will accelerate the completion of Natural Gas Terminal No. 3 and increase the ratio of natural gas in fuel mix. This move, as a critical supplementary measure of “Stable nuclear energy reduction en route to nuclear-free home”, will not only mitigate air pollution but also buy time to develop green electricity generation options. The government’s goal is to establish an energy supply system that is low-emission, sustainable, high quality, stable, efficient and cost-effective. Aside from achieving nuclear-free home in 2025, the ratio of renewable energy in the power supply equation must also reach 20%. The continuous addition of power from renewable energy feeding into the grid is an unstoppable trend. To address the overall need of Taiwan’s electricity supply system and environmental issues such as CO2 reduction, natural gas will only increase in importance in the energy mix.

●Any licensed architect (or architect firm) of Taiwan (R.O.C.) or any licensed architect (or architect firm), licensed landscape architect (or landscape architect firm) of foreign country, alone or in teams.
●Any design-related company of Taiwan (R.O.C.) or foreign country, alone or in teams.
●Any student recommended by design-related school/department of university of Taiwan (R.O.C.) or foreign country, alone or in teams.
The participant(company and student) registered in Mainland China (including Macau) is not qualified to participate in this competition.

Winners and Awards:
Stage One:
Five Shortlists: NT$ 200,000 for each (Approximately US$ 6,600) (Awarded the right to enter into Stage Two)
Five Honorable Mentions: NT$ 100,000 for each (Approximately US$ 3,300)
Ten Selected Awards: Certificate of Award
Stage Two:
One First Prize: NT$ 4,000,000(Approximately US$ 130,000)
One Second Prize: NT$ 2,000,000(Approximately US$ 66,000)
One Third Prize: NT$ 1,000,000(Approximately US$ 33,000)
Two Merit Awards: NT$ 500,000(Approximately US$ 16,000)

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