Hyperloop One Global Challenge

Submission: October 28 , 2016
Registration: October 28 , 2016
Language: English
Location: Worldwide
Prizes: Get the first Hyperloop
Type: Open


The Hyperloop One Global Challenge is a competition which invites teams anywhere on Earth to put forward a comprehensive commercial, transport, economic, and policy case for their cities, regions, or countries to be considered to host the first hyperloop networks.

The Hyperloop One Global Challenge is not an engineering competition: we bring the technology, you tell us how it should be used in your location. Advised by an international jury of leading experts in transport, technology, economics and innovation, Hyperloop One is seeking to collaborate with applicants who most powerfully make the case for how Hyperloop would not only transform passenger and cargo transport in their locations, but also how that Hyperloop transformation will drive economic growth, generate opportunities for development, and create radically new opportunities for people to live anywhere, work anywhere and be anywhere.

Entries are encouraged from any kind of group with interest in a corridor. We positively encourage entries which bring together all the relevant parties with an interest in a corridor, including public sector authorities and private business, governments and investors, creative minds who plan infrastructure and the commercial partners who fund and deliver it.

By participating in our Global Challenge, you’re securing access to Hyperloop One resources – experts, time, and tools – to develop your ideas. From the many submissions we receive, our diverse team of transportation experts will narrow the proposals down to 12 finalists. As a finalist, you will get additional access to our ecosystem, technology, coaching, guidance and a dedicated Hyperloop One point person to help you take your idea to the next level. Ultimately, three winners will be chosen by a panel of experts from around the world. Teams that demonstrate a real corridor opportunity, favorable economics, a favorable investment climate and the willpower to advance regulatory climate stand the best chance of winning. Winners will be able to tap further into our network, get full access to our technology and our ability to help raise capital in creative ways.

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