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Iconic Awards 2017

Submission: May 26, 2017
Registration: May 18, 2017
Language: English
Location: Europe
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


The German Design Council has been committed to a holistic design approach for decades. Originally established on the initiative of the German Bundestag and endowed by German industry, the German Design Council is tasked with honouring good design and thus enhancing the quality of life in our society.

With the Iconic Awards, we honour superb examples of the interaction of all disciplines in an independent architecture and design competition which focuses on internationally outstanding construction projects, innovative interior and product design as well as compelling communication in an architectural context.

This year, special attention will be paid to the next generation and young companies. With our Young Architecture sponsorship program and an endowed special prize, we want to provide initial financial assistance to young architects, young people embarking on their careers and start-ups.

The Iconic Awards reinforce and enhance interdisciplinary dialogue and convey an understanding of architecture and design to the general public. And last but not least, they honour those who provide fresh inspiration with visionary power.


With the Iconic Awards, the German Design Council established an impartial, international architecture and design competition that factors in the interaction of the disciplines for the first time.

Awards are given to visionary buildings, innovative products and sustainable communication in all sectors of architecture, the construction and real estate business and the manufacturing industries. The focus is on the holistic staging and interaction of the trades in the context of architecture.

Eligible participants include architects, interior architects and designers, engineers, specialist planners, agencies and design  studios, companies in the construction and real estate sectors as well as manufacturers in the areas of materials, building technology, fittings,  plumbing and bathroom  products, etc.,  as long as the products/services are named in the categories of the Iconic Awards.


As one of the world’s most important  centres of expertise in design  and architecture, the German Design Council acts as an interface between designers and the construction industry. Its awards are considered as independent seals of quality of international standing for contemporary developments and creative achievements.


The Iconic Awards offer an international platform for architects, planners and their partners in industry, in design and in brand communication. Via its interdisciplinary network and the media presence of the Iconic Awards, the German Design Council supports high-quality, innovative developments with the Iconic Awards.

The awards with the freely usable winner labels as well as the extensive reporting of the Iconic Awards promote the awareness of the winners among the general public and within the relevant industries.


  • Architecture
  • Interior
  • Product
  • Communication
  • Concept

With their five main categories, the Iconic Awards create a forum for the entire world of architecture.


A new feature of the Iconic Awards this year is the support programme for next-generation architects and interior designers. With a promotional programme and an endowed special prize, the German Design Council provides international support for young architects and those starting their careers. Both concepts and completed projects can be entered in the Architecture and Interior categories.

Support is requested by submitting an application to the German Design Council. Applicants must have completed a degree in architecture or interior architecture/design no more than five years prior to the date of the jury meeting. Groups and partnerships with up to three persons can apply jointly, if all members meet the specified requirements. The relevant diploma serves as proof of fulfilment.


Architectural firms and start-ups that do not meet the criteria for the Young Architecture promotional programme can still benefit from our support. The prerequisite for support is an annual turnover of up to EUR 50,000 in the last two years.

Funds will be released after a thorough review of the firm’s financial situation.

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Categories: Awards
Date: March 16, 2017