bauhaus competition


Submission: April 15, 2019
Registration: April 08, 2019
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


Registration are open for students and Young professionals in the fields of architecture, design e correlated. In 2019 Bauhaus celebrates 100 years since its opening. The german school revolutionized both teaching and production in architecture and design. Projetar.org invites students and young professionals to imagine a space for the legacy of the iconic school to remain alive and keep evolving.

In its 30th ideas competition, Projetar.org launches the challenge to design a Bauhaus campus adjacent to the Modern Art Museum in Rio de Janeiro, where Max Bill idealized one of the first design schools in Brazil, based on the precepts of Bauhaus and its German successor, the School of Ulm.
This competition is an opportunity for every student and young professional to ponder on the trajectory of architecture and design, and also about its future, being inspired by the climate of experimentation that lead Bauhaus to create revolutionary solutions to face a challenging moment.
As the theme transcends geographical boundaries and permeates the fields of architecture, art and design, Projetar is making the 30th competition its first international, which a jury composed by Brazilians and foreigners.

Projetar is the first student ideas competition website in Brazil. Its purpose is to contribute with the process of professional growth of students and young professionals by competition.
In 7 years of existence we have released more than 30 architecture and design competitions and we have received almost 2.500 proposal from participants from all over Brazil, and also abroad. All of the proposals as available on the website www.projetar.org.
The competitions promoted regularly are academic hypothetical exercises open to students and young professionals in the fields of architecture and design. The process is totally online and the themes are based on current discussions.

Teams with up to 5 members can register, composed by students or young professionals (until one year of graduation), Brazilians and/or foreigners. Teams can have members of different graduation courses, as long as the team leader is still studying or has completed (until one year) an architecture graduation.

Registration must be made on www.projetar.org

First place: R$ 2.300,00
Second place: R$ 1.700,00
Third place: R$ 1.000,00

27/02 Competition starts
08/04 Registration deadline
15/04 Submission deadline
06/05 Results

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