“Il segreto verde” apartments

Submission: August 15, 2016
Registration: August 15, 2016
Language: English, Italian
Location: Varese, Italy
Prizes: 1st Place €500 & 2nd Prize €500
Type: Open

Union S.r.l is proud to announce an open call to a contest for designers, architects and students for its apartment complex in via Albani (Varese, Italy).

You will have two months, starting from 15/06 and finishing 15/08 to develop your own vision. The main focus of the contest is the valorization of ideas. This is important, as it allows for the participation of not only professionals in the field, but also students who are still in their university-learning phase. This contest, in fact, will provide them with a direct real world experience and an opportunity for a personal challenge.

The plan of the building is unique. Each wall is characterized by its own distinct size. Likewise, the structure itself will surprise and amaze you at each angle. It is a symmetrically perfect, yet, an out of the box project.

Are you ready for the challenge?
The main theme to be developed in the proposal of the furnishing, the design, and the materials is the mixture of Nature, Secrets and Architecture.

These three elements provide an overall harmony between the surroundings and the building, situated in a green and quite residential area of the city, and are thus the building blocks of the structure. In regards to all of the other choices in your proposal, always remember: sky is the limit.
The construction is a four floor building divided in eight apartments, with a private terrace on the roof for the fourth floor apartment.
– two room apartments include: bedroom, living room, restroom and kitchen.
– three room apartments include: double bedroom, single bedroom, living room, restroom and kitchen.
From a technical point of view, the building is equipped with photovoltaic panels, domotics, and heated floors.
Each applicant is free to choose the apartment, out of the eight, that he would like to equip.

The following files must be submitted before 15/08/2016:
– two A1 horizontally formatted tables with one 1:50 scale map (1:20 / 1:10 for details are optional)
– one 3000 characters report, outlining the project with its corresponding techniques and the materials used
– two or three renders based on your apartment choice (two or three rooms)
A unique construction only needs original and creative projects. Yours.
You are already thinking about it, right?
A jury of professionals will select the two winners who are entitled for a 500€ prize each, and the chance to see their projects become reality!
May the design be with you, artists!

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