Innovation and Design Contest of Hotel Spaces

Submission: July 15 , 2016
Registration: July 15, 2016
Language: English
Location: Concept Design
Prizes: 1st Prize 8,000 EUR + realization, 2 proposals – Merit Marks 1,500 EUR each
Type: Open


At Eurostars Hotels, we have a strong commitment to development. This time, we have undertaken to a new challenge: reinventing the concept of “hotel”. To that end, we have designed Hotel Lab, our First Innovation and Design Contest of Hotel Spaces. We invite you to design the furniture for one room that meets travellers’ present and future requirements. Over the next months, this room will become your think tank.

Create innovative solutions, do experiments and design the perfect room. The judges of Hotel Lab will choose the project that reflects the best innovation spirit of Eurostars Hotels.

Elements to be designed

To be part in the contest, you have to design the furniture for one room including these four pieces:

  1. Double bed with headboard (mattress is not needed)
  2. Wardrobe
  3. Luggage carrier
  4. Workspace (chairs are not needed)

Furthermore, you can add all the additional elements you wish: lighting equipment, TV, music, curtains… You can share out the space as you want, bearing always in mind the guests experience, since they need to move comfortably. You will have a total of 28 sqm: 24 sqm will be used for your room and 4 sqm for the bathroom you do not have to design.

From avant-garde international skylines to the classical tradition of palatial buildings, each experience in Eurostars ensures a unique and special stay.

What are we going to evaluate?

InnovatIon, functIonalIty, feasIbIlIty and orIgInalIty: the four basic pillars  of a good  project.

  • Innovation: Use of new materials; technological, functional and ergonomic innovations, and  all aspects that  add  value to your design.
  • Functionality: Furniture  will have  to satisfactorily comply  with the functions it has  been  designed to.
  • Feasibility: Real opportunities to carry out the project,  since the goal is to bring the winning project  to life in a Eurostars room.
  • Originality: Furniture  elements must be original, that  is, they cannot have  been  used before.

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