Submission: December 16, 2019
Registration: December 09, 2019
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


OPENGAP organizes the seventh edition of this open ideas competition seeking for innovative, cutting-edge, contemporary, proposals regarding a new concept for artistic inspiration spaces.

Participants are invited to design a place focused on the rental of spaces that motivate creativity and concentration, allowing users to focus, inspire and develop their artistic ideas.

Each participant or team will define the location of their project, however, the proposal must justify the choice of the location.

The competition is open to all architects, designers, architecture students and to people around the world interested in the topic. Competitors can subscribe individually or as a team of maximum of 5 people.

The proposal submission will consist of two digital panels in .jpg format, not bigger than 5MB each.



– FIRST PRIZE, 2000 Euro
– SECOND PRIZE, 2000 Euro
– THIRD PRIZE, 500 Euro
– MENTIONS, Mentions will not have an economic prize



1ST PERIOD (from 10/SEP/2019 to 01/OCT/2019): 35,00 euro

2ND PERIOD (from 02/OCT/2019 to 29/OCT/2019): 60,00 euro

3RD PERIOD (from 30/OCT/2019 to 19/NOV/2019): 90,00 euro

4RD PERIOD (from 20/NOV/2019 to 09/DIC/2019): 110,00 euro

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