Interior and Entrance Design of Tabriz Metro Stations

Submission: October 14, 2016
Registration: October 14, 2016
Language: English
Location: Tabriz, Iran
Prizes: 1st Prize: 300mln IR, 2nd Prize: 200mln IR, 3rd Prize: 100mln IR
Type: Open


Tabriz Urban Railway Organization, which is in charge of design, implementation and operation of Tabriz metro network, announces an open call entitled “Competition of Interior and Entrance Design of Tabriz Metro Stations” to receive the creative proposals aiming at improving the spatial quality of the stations.

The competition for Interior and Entrance Design of Station No. 11 (Sa’at square) is organized following the said policy and as the second competition of the competitions series.
The main objective of this competition is to receive proposals for:
1. Design of the Station No.11 entrances
2. Design and interior architecture of the Station No.11

The competition organizers believe in creative thinking, design-based ideation and professional responsibilities. The competition will be held within the following framework and criteria:
–    Transparent, ethical and competitive contest;
–    Addressing new ideas, international and professional practices based on conditions and urban location of the named station;
–    Addressing human and social aspects of public buildings;
–    Addressing the conditions of feeble, disabled and old citizens.

Interested individuals, experts and designers (architects, interior designers, industrial designers, graphic designers, etc.) can take part in this open call competition. Participation is free of charge for everyone. All applicants, either individuals or teams, must be eligible and technically capable for continuing the further design stages.
By enrollment on the competition website, a tracking code will be issued as participant’s identification code. All enrollment requests will be reviewed by the competition secretariat and upon approval, a confirmation email will be sent to the declared email. If due to any reason you did not receive such an email, please notify the competition secretariat.


Jul. 31, 2016     Competition Announcement
Aug. 06, 2016    Registration start date
Aug. 06, 2016    Starting of Question’s Submission
Oct. 01, 2016    Deadline for Question’s Submission
Oct. 14, 2016    Registration Deadline
Oct. 14, 2016    Deadline for Uploading Documents
Oct. 16, 2016    Submission Deadline
Oct. 19, 2016    Document’s Technical Evaluation
Oct. 22 to 24, 2016    Jury days
Nov. 05, 2016    Results Announcement

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