bali architecture competition

International Competition 2018 – DSGN Innovation Hub Scheme in Bali, Indonesia

Submission: February 28, 2018
Registration:  February 27, 2018
Language: English
Location: Bali, Indonesia
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


DSGN (Design Student Global Network) officially launches its first international design competition! The winning proposal – an Innovation Hub development scheme for a rural community site in Bali, Indonesia – will be built during our first workshop in early 2019. The hub will be used to teach skills classes for community development and social entrepreneurship.

Individuals or multidisciplinary teams of students and recent graduates, freelance or professional, can participate in this international design competition; which aims to tackle this pressing problem-

“Mass tourism is stealing opportunities from rural areas, forcing income required migration and eroding culture in the process. To combat this, innovators are creating maker’s collectives, social impact groups, and interdisciplinary networks in the rural areas.

But, these rural areas lack the systems and structures required to sustain these groups.”

As international tourism becomes ever more prevalent in Bali, the opportunities it can offer those coming from rural areas are hard to ignore. As a result west Bali in particular has seen a migration of young and talented members of its community to these more populous areas as many do not see any other viable options for work. This is an issue we wish to tackle by providing west Bali with certain systems and structures it requires. In association with international design workshop MEDS (Meeting of Design Students) – We invite you to join us in questioning this trend and taking the first step in providing the support needed.

We challenge you, through your approach to design and researched interpretation of Balinese traditions, to develop a primary learning centre and grounds which will form the heart of the innovation hub – helping to provide the systems required to enable a more self-reliant future.
For more details view the full brief here: http://bit.ly/DSGNCompetitionBrief2018

Finalists will have the opportunity to have their proposals represented at DSGN’s international exhibition at Milan Design Week 2018, represented across DSGN and MEDS platforms and future conferences and events, and be given advance opportunity to participate in MEDS Byblos 2018 international design workshop.

The winner will also receive the opportunity to accompany the DSGN team to Bali in early 2019 to see out the construction of the winning proposal.

We encourage all students and recent graduates, whether practicing as design firms, policymakers or freelancers to participate in this worldwide collaboration. There is no limit on nationalities or fields of study. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to help create this sustainable architectural design – and leave a positive impact on our global community.

For any further questions related to the brief and competition, please send them to competition@dsgnworkshop.com with “FAQ” subject until the Deadline for Questions: 26th January 2018. All queries regarding the registration process, fees or payment should be sent to the same email address with “ENQUIRY” subject.

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Date: January 15, 2018