International Competition for Rehabilitating Mapo Oil Depot into a Cultural Depot Park

SubmissionAugust 12, 2014
RegistrationAugust 11, 2014   /€36/€72/€108/
Language: English or Korean
Location: Seoul, South Corea
Prizes1st Prize Design Contract     2nd Prize € 36.000    3rd Prize € 14.400    10 Honorable Mentions € 720
Type: Open competition for architects.

The Mapo Oil Depot is valuable industrial legacy of Seoul but has been forgotten for quite some time since its own purpose was terminated. In an era of economic growth in Korea, a fresh approach is needed regarding this industrial legacy, which, ironically can survive in having been forgotten.

Deviating from conventional attitude, demolishing the old city and constructing the new, it is time to try to keep the memory and history of this old structure and to revive its uniqueness.

As an attempt to get back not only the old structure but also the territory having been closed for decades to the people of Seoul, this project will be a meaningful beginning. We expect proposals that recover the existing facilities and territory, not only grant a series of programs onto the old structure. In this sense, we hope that the International Competition for Culture Depot Park by Rehabilitating Mapo Oil Depot can show the direction to where architecture in Seoul should go.

The objective of this project is creating a park that can contain multiple cultural activities, utilizing the site and oil reserve tanks in the site. The oil depot, located in Mapo-gu, Seoul, has lost its purpose, and is now a legacy of the Korean industrial era. The main objectives of this project are creating an “Open Park” and return this place to citizens with diverse programs such as performances, exhibitions, information and leisure utilizing the uniqueness of this site. If it was a ‘depot of oil’ in the past, through this project, it will be a ‘depot of culture’ for citizens in Seoul.