InternationalCompetition for the Development Plan of the Old HANGLASSite

International Competition for the Development Plan of the Old HANGLAS Site

Submission: July 12, 2021
Registration: June 12, 2021
Language: English, Korean
Location: Busan
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open, Professional


The objective of this competition is to select a specialized enterprise that is able to develop innovative, contemporary and creative ideas, and to carry out the required services for establishment of the development plan of the old HANGLAS site.

The chosen site used to be the location for the old HANGLAS factory (established in 1979). The factory has since moved to another site and the old factory has been demolished. The site is currently being prepared for the establishment of a prenegotiated district unit plan that responds to progressive societal changes and contemporary social demands. The goal is to modify the usage purpose of the site from that of a general manufacturing area to a quasi-residential and general commercial site, in order to create a tourism-focused cultural complex that can function as an axis of marine cultural tourism in the eastern Busan region. All relevant development plans have been requested regarding land use. This competition has been initiated by the Busan Urban Planning Committee to discover the optimum prenegotiated district unit plan. The project site boasts favorable accessibility to downtown Busan and the popular Ilgwang Beach, which attracts tourists from all over the nation as well as Busan citizens. As so, it is considered that the site’s location potential as a marine tourism focused complex combined with a housing complex is outstanding. It is also expected that the site would become a major foothold for Eastern Busan tourism.

Direction of the design

Provision of the development concept design and master plan for establishing the prenegotiated district unit planning of the old HANGLAS site.
Settlement of marine culture tourism and residential space zoning, development content and basic directions. Proposal of innovative ideas along with detailed functions, based on in-depth case-studies of various domestic and foreign examples.
Provision of the marine culture tourism facility development plan and programs for the waterfront.
Provision of height, mass and arrangement plans for different building uses with consideration of the surrounding ocean views of the project site.
Provision of an organic connection method between the facilities of marine culture tourism space and other spaces.
Suggestion and planning of the space idea of secure public space for local residents and the citizens of Busan.


Participation only for professional domestic and international architects, experts, or enterprises (corporations) in urban design or landscaping. Regarding participation as a team; the maximum number of members is 5 (including entrants listed as an enterprise).
To stimulate the nurturing, and development, of unique ideas, joint participation of Korean and foreign companies is highly recommended.
With joint participation as a team, one representative must be appointed, and this representative must take responsibility to submit the team’s entry, to receive and submit any related documents, and to acquire or abandon the rights of the team.


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