government office complex

International Competition for the New Gangseo-gu Government Office Complex

Submission: July 19, 2021
Registration: May 22, 2021
Language: English, Korean
Location: Seoul, S. Korea
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


The current government office building of Gangseo-gu was established in 1977 and the facilities have deteriorated somewhat over the past 40 histrorical years. Also, it was inevitable to separate the space into 9 facilities due to the narrow area which led to a lack of connectivity and efficiency of work. Thus, demand increased to establish a new government office complex that allows integrated administrative services and includes an open space for residents.

As we head towards 50 years of establishment, Gangseo-gu now prepares for the next 50 years through the new government office, and the symbolic significance that is necessary when preparing for a future city.

Prizes: 1st Prize(1 entry): 7,160 million KRW(1 us dollar=1,200 KRW)Certificate of award, being given the priority negotiation rights for the basic and working design
2nd Prize(1 entry): Certificate or award, 60 million KRW(1 us dollar=1,200 KRW)
3rd Prize(1 entry): Certificate or award, 45 million KRW(1 us dollar=1,200 KRW)
4th Prize(1 entry): Certificate or award, 30 million KRW(1 us dollar=1,200 KRW)
5th Prize(1 entry): Certificate or award, 15 million KRW(1 us dollar=1,200 KRW)
Honorary Mentions (within 5 entries): Awards

Competition Descriptions
-Site Location: 745-3, Magok-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, S. Korea
– Area/District: Quasi-residential area, high-altitude district, district unit plan area (Magok city development area), focused landscape district
-Use: Public office facility, cultural and meeting facility, facility for children and elders, education research facility
– Site Area: 20,244㎡
– Total Floor Area: 52,152㎡ (can be adjusted within the ±2% range)
– Estimated Project Cost: 139,520 million KRW
(including VAT, zero energy and new renewable energy construction costs)
-Estimated Design Fee: 7,160 million KRW
(VAT included, including different kinds of certification costs and compensation for damage allotment insurance)
– Competition Period: April 19 (Mon.), 2021 ~ July 30 (Fri.), 2021
Design Period: 14 months after contracting the design service agreement (including holidays)

-The new Gangseo-gu government office complex is a community space that has been prepared for and is open to the residents as it connects between people, and between nature and space to secure work efficiency and connectivity. The purpose of the design competition is to select a reasonable, creative, and artistic entry that meets the concept of the new Gangseo-gu government office complex.

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