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International competition in architecture – Jacques Rougerie Foundation

Submission: November 19, 2017
Registration: November 19, 2017
Language: English, French
Location: Concept
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


The first action of the Foundation is to encourage a different view for tomorrow’s world, while taking into account requirements linked to the worlds of Sea and Space. The Foundation aspires to promote the development of highly innovative and promising projects by providing awards of € 7 500 for the Grand Prix and € 2 500 for the Focus, creating synergies between initiatives and skills.

For this purpose, the Foundation organizes every year an International Architecture Competition, attributing the following awards:

Prix « Innovation et Architecture pour la Mer »
Grand Prix – 7 500 €
Focus: “Les ports du futur” – 2500 €

Prix « Innovation et Architecture pour l’Espace »
Grand Prix – 7 500 €
Focus: “Les centrales solaires spatiales” – 2500 €

Prix « Architecture & Problématique de la Montée
du niveau des Océans »
Grand Prix – 7 500 €
Focus: “Le littoral africain” – 2 500 €

“Innovation and Architecture for the Sea” Awards
Grand Prix – €7 500
Focus: “Ports of the future” – €2500

“Innovation and Architecture for Space” Awards
Grand Prix – €7 500
Focus: “Solar power satellites” – €2 500

“Architecture and Sea Level Rise” Awards
Grand Prix – €7 500
Focus: “The African Coastline” – €2 500

The prizes of the Jacques Rougerie Foundation – Institut de France, are given in order to offer architects, designers, engineers, and urban planners a unique opportunity to propose innovative, audacious, and disruptive projects. These architectural projects, based upon emerging technologies, a prospective vision and cross-curricular competences – science, sociology, climatology, geography, etc. – shall give answers to major environmental issues of our era and to future issues. They will have to take into account the tenets of sustainable development and to contribute to the integration of the sea and space in the development of our societies: new material such as solar tiles, new techniques, and fundamental advancement in terms of conception and building, energy saving, low consumption of natural resources, recyclability, etc.

Architectural innovation and sustainable development to respond to major climate changes are the key words in this call for creativity. Each Award is constituted by a financial contribution, but also a follow-up of the winners to further their projects, with the support from the Foundation’s network. Prizes are awarded, irrespective of age, sexe, religion, origin, to an author personally identified by his name or to a team.

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