sustainable community hub

International Design Competition – Community Hub

Submission: June 16, 2017
Registration: May 6, 2017
Language: English
Location: Giza, Egypt
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


Egypt is a megalopolis country with nearly 70% of its population residing in informal vulnerable districts. Abu Ghaddan village is one of the most neglected rural areas with high population, more than 1000 individuals.

To address these long-neglected vulnerable areas, Hand Over and Man ahyaha من أحياها are collaborating to build sustainable community hub including serivces and a community school in Abu Ghaddan village.
Through this project we aim to work on 4 aspects collaboratively. The aspects include: community inclusion, education, sustainable practices and healthcare.

The project uses sustainability as the integrating context on a community center-wide level, seeking to education, ecology, health, and community. The project is the first of its type to take place in an informal village called Abu Ghaddan, Aayat, 60 km away from El-Giza, Egypt. It has direct beneficiaries which counts for 1000 individuals with 4000 more from surrounding villages. It is expected that the project acts as a pilot to be replicated and developed on a wider scale.

Our vision is to engage students, staff and the community in our quest to develop a sustainable environment that models and promotes exemplary practices in using environmental friendly local building materials, decreasing consumption of energy, water and wastes disposal, as well as broadening the awareness of the residents to live sustainably and at low costs.
Through this project we aim to work on the community inclusion, education, sustainable practices and healthcare.

*Competition Outcome:
The competition is an open call for design ideas for a community service center and a community school to be built in a rural town. The community hub is planned to accommodate a clinic and a multifunctional spaces, one for activities for dropouts and the other should be a gathering space for women and girls. The informal school is planned to include a minimum of 5 classes with a playground and a library.

Click on the link below for competition guidelines, timeline, requirments and pictures: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B99lbPRry03EczdaS0Fad0k4LUk?usp=sharing

*Who can apply:
The community hub design competition is open to all national and international students and fresh graduates in fields related to the built environment; especially Architecture, Civil Engineering and Construction engineering.
Participants are expected to be committed to the project schedule.

*Registration requirements:
Team biographies; please include contact information for each entrant and team leader including names of each team member, age, phone number, email address, education, experience or internships if any.
*If you don’t have a team, you can apply as a single team player and we will fit you in a team.
To register, please make sure to fill in the application form and send the registration fees before May, 5th.

Minimum members required to form a team is 3 and the maximum is 5 members.

*Fees: it will be directed as donations towards the construction materials and implementation process.
Fees for Egyptian teams is 500 EGP.
Fees for International teams is 30 UDS.
Teams are required to transfer the fees through:
Vodafone Cash on the numbers: 01007179089 or
Or by bank transfer to our bank account:
Qatar National Bank (QNB)
Account name : Hand Over Projects
swift code: QNBAEGCXXXX
Costumer number:20316468026-64 (For EGP transfer)
20316468026-44 (For USD transfer)
Branch code: 00184

Deadline for registering for the competition is May 6.
Deadline for submitting your design proposal is June 16.

** Kindly note that after the registration process, there will be a planned site visit for those teams participating from Egypt.

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