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The Romanian Order of Architects (OAR), with the support of OAR Brașov, Covasna, Harghita Territorial Branch, together with the Contracting Authority – the Municipality of Brașov, are glad to announce the official launch of the „RULMENTUL, BRAȘOV” International Design Competition.

The purpose of this competition is to select the best solution for the urban regeneration of the former Rulmentul Industrial Site, in order to commission the design services contract. Urban regeneration is a large-scale and long-lasting process that requires an integrated, multidisciplinary and phased approach.

The former Rulmentul Industrial Site is one of the most important real estate reserves of the city, with an area comparable to that of the Old Citadel of Brașov – approximately 52 hectares. Through the successive transformations to which it was subjected throughout the 20th century, thesite is a direct witness of the significant moments that mark the industrial past of the city, thereby becoming an , identifying, emotional and historical landmark for the generations that have witnessed the industrial site during its operation. However, the site is not really present in the daily life of the citizens of Brașov today, given the complete decommissioning of the production activity in 2007. Since then, in the absence of actual regenerationinitiatives, the platform is in an accelerated process of degradation which leads to significant losses, some irreversible.

Brașov City Hall initiated the transformation process of the former Rulmentul Industrial Site in 2020 by contracting several preliminary studies with the aim of evaluating the recovery and conversion potential of the existing built and unbuiltfeatures. The current competition represents the logicalcontinuation of this approach and proposes several objectives that address the complexity of the existing situation at three complementary scales. By achieving these objectives, several directions of transformation of the Site will be triggered simultaneously.

Consequently, the Contracting Authority aims through this competition for the urban regeneration of the Rulmentul Industrial Site Brasov, through:
(1) establishing a medium and long-term urban development vision for the regeneration of the Rulmentul Industrial Site,
(2) the design of a green/public space with an area of approximately 11 hectares, including the design of unbuilt areas, and also the development of existing buildings in the indicated perimeter, an objective that will be designed to become the main element of the whole ensemble, being able to connect future functions placed around the perimeter, and
(3) the rehabilitation of a number of ascertained heritage value (Hangar 6 Complex) and their transformation into a cultural center.

The Contracting Authority of the competition is The Municipality of Brasov, owner and administrator of the land located in the intervention area of the competition, which will become the beneficiary of the projects contracted as a result of this competition.
The competition is organized by the Romanian Order of Architects (OAR), in accordance with the OAR Good Practices Guide for Design Competitions (edited in Romanian – Ghidul de bune practici în organizarea concursurilor de soluții OAR, rev. 2022), in compliance with the provisions of the legislation in force regarding the award of public procurement contracts. The Design Competition is a public, single-stage competition, open to Romania, all countries of the European Union, of the European Economic Area, and to the Swiss Confederation. The design competition is organized as an independent procedure, in accordance with art. 105 letter a) of Law no. 98/2016 regarding public procurement, and subsequently, pursuant to provisions under art. 104 para. (7) of the same law, the design services contract is to be awarded to the winner of the competition, following a negotiation procedure without prior publication of a participation announcement.

1ST PRIZE: the estimated value of the design services contract – 2.274.000 EUR without VAT (11.324.520,00 RON* without VAT)
2ND PRIZE: 42.016 EUR without VAT (209.000,00 RON* without VAT)
3RD PRIZE: 25.142 EUR without VAT (125.210,09 RON* without VAT)
3 x MENTION: 8.403 EUR without VAT (41.848,74 RON* without VAT)

landscape arch. Iris Dupper
landscape arch. Dominika Tihanyi
arch. Oana Țiganea
urb. Marcello Modica
arch. Christoph Jantos
arch. Dragoș Oprea – Reprezentative of the AC
arch. urb. Rudolf Gräf
arch. Ilinca Păun Constantinescu
urb. Raluca Baco – Reprezentative of the AC

Find out more on the official competition website:
EN: https://oar.archi/en/concursuri/oar/rulmentul-brasov/

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Date: June 10, 2024