international drawing competition


Submission: May 17, 2020
Registration: May 17, 2020
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


Archue – A complete Architecture Platform presents ‘International Drawing Competition’.  Our first competition celebrating the talent of architecture and design students and young professionals through a single drawing. This competition is in no way limited to architecture and we very much welcome those from other arts and design industries.

At Archue we truly believe in the power of a drawing to communicate and represent more than what you see on the surface and are excited to judge an array of innovative and high quality works.

You can submit any drawing be it an axonometric, Isometric, 3D render, Visualisation or Sketch. Drawings can be related to any domain.

* Prize money is totally dependent on the registration of the total entries received which is then distributed on the basis of total participation. A percentage allocation of the total amount is done as 40% of the total amount is given to the winning entry upto 1000$ and 30% of the total amount is given to the runner up entry upto 500$.


  • Participants have to submit a single drawing in JPEG format with its description not more than 100 Words in a PDF format.
  • Participants also have to mention their Instagram account in the submission description pdf with each team mate details and email ids. (For example: Archue – @archue_ (archue@xyz.com).
  • Participation can be done in teams as there can be one or more people involved in the creation of a drawing.
  • Also you have to tag our Instagram Account ( @archue_ ) ( #archue ) by uploading the drawing you have submitted by your Instagram Account also tagging all other participants.
  • Submission has to be mailed at submission@archue.com


 Gonzalo Lopez and Diana Cristobal are founders and partners at knit-knot architecture, an international award-winning architecture collective founded in 2013. Gonzalo is also a Faculty member at Pratt Institute in New York and is currently pursuing a PhD in Urban Planning and Design from the Polytechnic University of Madrid (ETSAM). Diana is an Adjunct Professor at Barnard College in New York and a PhD candidate in Architecture at Princeton University”.