Submission: August 15, 2016
Registration: July 31, 2016
Language: English, Bahasa Indonesia
Location: Concept
Prizes: 12.500.000 IDR total prize money
Type: Open

Indonesia has so many tradition and culture. We can clearly see from their traditional architecture. It has different style according to their own tradition and culture. The traditional houses were built using the local materials. Then, it was decorated using local traditional pattern that has its own philosophy and it became the characteristics of the locals. Vernacular Architecture were growing together with the ethnicity.

HIMARS BINUS University wants to introduce Indonesian Architecture to worldwide. With the aim to make Indonesian Vernacular Architecture become more well-known, appreciate and maintain Indonesian culture and also boost up the interest of Indonesian Vernacular Architecture design

We challenge all of you to experiment in designing a guest house. This guest house is a temporary house for the tourists. It’s also functioned as a house for the owner.

The owner is a humanist, or an artist, or an art collector. All of you are able to choose one of three profession above as the main profession of the owner. The plan program priority the locality and context of Indonesian Vernacular Architecture. Whether in local materials, local traditional pattern, or function of the local traditional house.

Guest house plan program must be consisted of:

  • Parlour
  • Main bedroom
  • Guests bedrooms area
  • House assistant bedroom
  • Main bathroom
  • Guests bathroom area
  • House assistant bathroom
  • Dining room
  • Storeroom
  • Kitchen
  • Gallery
  • Garden


All of you are able to choose your own location as long as it’s still a part of Indonesia. The site location has to be near to central of cultural area in that region.


Site minimum size : 500 sqm.

Site maximum size : 1200 sqm.

Site regulation (complying the actual local regulation)

Terms and regulations of the site have to follow the local Urban Land use Plan for the region you’ve already choosen. 


1st WINNER 6.500.000 IDR + Plaque + Sertificate
2nd WINNER 3.500.000 IDR + Plaque + Sertificate
3rd WINNER 2.000.000 IDR + Plaque + Sertificate
HIMARS AWARDS 500.000 IDR + Sertificate


14 June 2016 – Opening competition & early bird registration is opened.

11 July 2016 – Early bird registration is closed. Regular registration is opened.
31 Juli 2016 – Regular registration is closed.
15 Agustus 2016 – Limitation of works submission.
29 Agustus 2016 – Best 5 project announcement.
15 September 2016 – Judging process (external) and winner announcement.