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International Urban Design Ideas Competition Berlin-Brandenburg 2070

Submission: November 11, 2019
Registration: September 27, 2019
Language: German
Location: Berlin, Germany
Prizes: 200.000,00 EUR
Type: Open, 2-Phase International Urban Design Ideas Competition Berlin-Brandenburg 2070


In Juli 2019, will Berlin 2020 gGmbh launch the anonymous two-phase International Urban Design Ideas Competition for Berlin-Brandenburg 2070. The main goal of the „International Urban Planning Ideas Competition Berlin-Brandenburg 2070“ is not to discuss a completely different, new metropolitan region next to or on the surface of the existing, but the further development of the existing metropolitan region.

With a basically excellent transport network, many centers of different rank, an above-average housing stock and a comparatively undeveloped surrounding area, the metropolitan region has ideal future conditions that must be recognized, cultivated and further developed.

1. Phase

The subject of the first phase is the development of an overall plan of the competition area with guiding ideas and images for the spatial development of the Berlin-Brandenburg metropolitan region on a scale of 1: 100.000 as well as an urbanistic representation of an exemplary subspace in the year 2070, which represents the conception and the conception of the author of the future Metropolis meaningfully represented. The subspace to be displayed is freely selectable within the entire competition area. From the submitted works of the first phase, the jury selects up to 20 office teams to deepen their contributions in the second phase.
2. Phase
In the second phase, the main focus is on the deepening of structural development contexts within the framework of an overall plan in M ​​1: 100,000 as well as proposals for three specific sub-areas, which can be chosen freely within the scope of ten main topics. For each well two slides are to be created. Within the main topics, three sub-areas have to be selected. Of the three selected sub-areas, at least one must be in Brandenburg and one in Berlin. Eligible to participate are architects, city planners in collaboration with landscape architects who create interdisciplinary teams. The whole process is anonymous until completion.