isla architetcure competition


Submission: July 31, 2020
Registration: July 08, 2020
Language: English, Spanish
Location: Concept
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


During the COVID-19 pandemic, our social habits and dynamics have been radically altered. Some of these changes are temporary, and others will bepermanent. A new telework culture has developed and is centered onthe home. “Social confinement” hascreated new ways of occupying domestic spaces. In this context, the kitchen has become a spatial epicenter, a place in which work, food and fun become intertwined andthe various members of the familycome together.

During the 20th century, modern architecture,and specifically the idea of the open floorplan, incorporated the kitchen into the different partsof the house, generating new spatial relations. Now furniture presents new opportunities and challenges associated with architectural space, merging layouts and chores.

invites young architects under the age of 40 to rethink the kitchen as a creative case study based on how post-COVID-19 kitchen furniture could develop new spatial scenarios that will influence its design. The competition organizers invite participants to use furniture to imagine a new ISLAND within the kitchen, an autonomous piece of furniture that incorporates work and the many other situations that take place within the realm of the kitchen.

If we think about it as an autonomous element, an ISLAND can bring networks and connectivity together with cooking and new ways of relating to other parts of the home. Concepts such as flexibility, multifunctionality and spatial transformation can be incorporated and reimagined.


Architects from any country who liveeitherin Chile or abroad may apply.All participating architects must have earned a degree in architecture and be40 or younger on the submission date. This information must be submitted during the registration process. All participants must send a copy of their diploma and identity card listing the date of birth (indicating that the individual was born by 1980). Architects may participate individually or with a team of professionals includingdesigners, artists andothers as they deem appropriate. The registered architect must serve as the team leader.Individuals may only participate on one team. If someone is found to be listed as part of two teams, both will be disqualified.


To register, please submit the form that has been posted on the website www.constructo.clvia email to info@constructo.cl. The email mustinclude a copy of the team leader’sdiploma and identity card.


Submissions will be anonymous and digital.

A single A1 format slide must be submitted in high resolution (300 dpi) that includes:

-a text that provides a reflexive description of the proposal


-images-plans (1:20 scale)

-axonometric view (1:20 scale)

-plans, cuts, elevations (1:20 scale)

-perspectives or renderings of the proposals

The slidemust be vertical and the upper right edgemust list a 6-digit number written in1-cm tall font. The number, which is to be selected by the participant,will serveas a unique codethatmust also be listed on theregistration form. The form will only be reviewed once the winner has been selected.

Proposals mustbe submitted via WeTransfer, and a copy of the linkmust be submittedvia email to info@constructo.cl. The deadline is12 pmlocal time (EST) on July 31, 2020. Files must be sent separately and compressed into a ZIP file.


One award of US$1,500 will be given.A selection of proposals will be published in the magazineXF 02/Architecture and Kitchen.

TimelineRegistration: Through July 8

Questions: Received through July 8

Submission of final proposals: July 31

Publication of results: August 10

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