Islamic Revolution and the Sacred Defense Museum of Iran

Submission: December 29, 2015
Registration: November 04, 2015
Language: Farsi, English, Arabic and French
Location: Iran
Prizes: 1st Prize: 1000 mln rials, 2nd Prize: 800 mln rials, 3rd Prize: 600 mln rials
Type: Open


Islamic Republic of Iran invites all the designers and architects to participate in the international competition of architecture design of the Museum of Islamic Revolution and Sacred Defense. This museum is a national and international institution and the aim its establishment is to make the required groundwork for deeper understanding of Islamic Revolution of Iran and Sacred Defense period (imposed war), historical backgrounds, significant role of leadership and Iranian people, events, facts, values and achievements of these two important periods of contemporary history of Iran.

This competition will be held in a single stage, open call and in international level. The supplied plans will be judged according to the rules and under the surveillance of permanent secretariat of architecture and urbanization competition (Ministry of Roads and Urban development) and the participants can be informed of the results according to the calendar.

The project in the architectural design competition is called “Islamic Revolution and the Holy Defense Museum”. This museum is a permanent, public and national institute and the aim in establishing it is providing required basis for deeper identification of Iranian Islamic Revolution and the period of the holy defense (The imposed 8-year war with Iraq), historical bases, the highlighted role of the Supreme Leader and Iranian people, events, realities, values and achievements of these two important eras in the contemporary history of Iran. 

This museum will be an official establishment and a comprehensive center for organizing and supplying the narrative of Islamic Revolution and the holy defense, as well as investigations and research about these periods. Hence, the works, remaining subjective and mental evidences of these periods are to be collected, kept, organized, renovated, supplied and exhibited and the facilities of research about the mentioned subjects shall be provided for the researchers. 

Regarding its applicability, Islamic Revolution and the Holy Defense Museum will be a cultural/research complex. This complex should be a dynamic place and attract a wide range of enthusiasts and tourists with multiple applications. Thus, in addition to the museum building and exhibition halls, residential facilities, proper entertainments with the identity of the complex should be considered in this complex.


Participation in competition for all national and international public interests in terms of having the conditions described in this paragraph will be free . Since the participants, either natural or legal entities should have the required capabilities regarding education and experience, for designing a complex with the importance of Islamic Revolution and the Holy Defense Museum, it is essential for the participants to register for the competition in groups. 

Each group must have at least three members and one member as a “master” is introduced. The master is needed in architecture has at least five years experiences and be the only member of the group, while members who are not master ,can participate in up to three other groups.

It is recommended that groups of participants is as a mix of different professions such as architecture, urban design, landscape design, energy experts, curators and museum ,structural engineering and special technology. In other words, the jury prefer that groups to participate in competition that combines expertise in different groups. However, the formation of groups that are composed of architecture is also permitted.


Islamic Revolution and the Holy Defense Museum competition shall be taken in four languages: Farsi, English, Arabic and French. 

The website and all the supplied documents in the competition will be in 4 languages to be given to the participants. Moreover, the participants could ask their questions in the website, in one of the 4 mentioned languages.


Selecting superior plans and their classifications will be done by the jury. 5 plans are selected and classified among the received plans to the secretariat, and some awards are given to them. In ascending order, the awards are as follows:

* The first selected plans 1000 million rials

* The second selected plans 800 million rials

* The third selected plans 600 million rials

* The fourth selected plans 400 million rials

* The fifth selected plans 200 million rials

Board of appointed distinguished referees in addition to 5 projects, 10 projects will be presented as well as the appreciation of the projects to show appreciation and contest will be awarded