ISTANBUL Community Market Competition

Submission: June 27, 2015
Registration June 27, 2015
Language: English
Location Istanbul, Turkey
Prizes1st 3500€, 2nd 1000€, 3rd Prize 500€


This Competition aims to generate a remarkable example of architecture that is able to host a multitude of functions, rescues the positive qualities of markets, generates an authentic public space and is able to positively impact this specific community where the project is located.

It could be a structure that will informally perform as a cultural facility and effective as a public space. Questions are raised of how it can benefit from different times of day, different types of public – transition from daytime to night time, from weekdays to weekend.

It is suggested a structure that dialogs with the context and successfully answers the urban problems it diagnoses.

It is an ideas discussion that will be fruitful in providing solutions that can be adapted and integrated where the same typology might be applied.

Marketplaces are therefore brought to the discussion as centres of human creativity, interaction, economic activity, knowledge transfer and culture.

The act of trading and the rituals of commerce, deeply rooted in the Turkish culture, came as a natural result in this intersection of the world. Istanbul can surely provide an important discussion field about the future of markets – their present challenges, possibilities and innovations.


A total fund of 5000€ in prize money will be awarded to winning entries and awards of merit. To all the awarded proposals, online promotion will be made through specialized websites and blogs.

First Prize: 3500€

Second Prize: 1000€

Third Prize: 500€

5 Awards of merit, with no monetary prize


This Competition is open to all students and professionals of areas related to Architecture, individually or in group up to 4 members. Multidisciplinary teams are encouraged.


Registration fees range from 40€ in the First Stage Registration to 90€ in the Third Stage Registration.


MAR.27th – Launch of the Competition

MAR.27th – APR.26th – First Stage Registration – 40€

APR.27th – JUN.9th – Second Stage Registration – 60€

JUN.10th – JUN.26th – Final Stage Registration – 90€




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