JBC Masonry Innovation Competition

Submission: December 15, 2021
Registration: December 15, 2021
Language: English
Location: Open
Prizes: $30,000
Type: Innovation Competition


IMI’s JBC Masonry Innovation Competition wants your ideas for transformative masonry design. We’re challenging practicing and aspiring architects and engineers to advance the future of masonry design and construction.


We’re giving away $30,000 in prizes across 3 entry categories:

– Students: Undergraduate or graduate students enrolled in an accredited design, architecture, or engineering school.
– Young Architects/Engineers: Any architects or engineers under the age of 40.
– A/E Firms, Individual Architects/Engineers, & Cross-Category: Architecture/engineering firms, architects and engineers age 40 and over, and cross-category teams


Designers have the power to help create resilient, healthy, just, and equitable communities. But solving global challenges to improve our world demands innovation. We want to see your bold new concepts that show how masonry can better our built environment. We also want to see new ideas that have the potential to change the way we design and build with masonry and create growth opportunities for our industry.

Whether you have a great idea that addresses how infrastructure like schools and healthcare facilities will change in a post-pandemic world, thoughts on how to address the climate crisis, insights on improving equity, or another innovative plan, we want to hear from you. Solutions can also explore innovations in materials, the construction process, new business models, or simply show a unique aesthetic and functional use of masonry.

Whatever direction you decide to take, your innovative solution should add value, usefulness, appreciation, and relevance to masonry design and construction. It can be either an improvement of an existing system or a groundbreaking proposal.

Imagined, proposed, and completed structures and systems are welcomed. The scale, size, program, and location are left up to your imagination, but your concepts should be both clear and constructible. We encourage you to model your solution in BIM and use BIM for Masonry (BIM-M) plugins and tools to make the most of your design.

Together with innovative architects and engineers, we can create a better built world for everyone. Show us your innovative solutions!


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